Where to go in September for Vietnam trip

No matter how long your coming Vietnam trip lasts, you are advisable to have a go at the following destinations as those are believed to be ideal in this September. Let’s see!  


Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Noi
Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Noi

September is supposed to be among the Hanoi’s best months for sightseeing because it is the time when you can leisurely walk along streets filled with yellow fallen leaves and perceive the tantalizing aroma of green rice in the beautiful and cool weather. Because of being blessed with a nice weather in September, it will be easier for you to join outdoor activities, such as visiting Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, going a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake & crossing a red bridge to Ngoc Son Temple, shopping at Dong Xuan Market, exploring Hanoi Old Quarter, penetrating in Ba Vi National Park, etc.

Ha Giang

Where to go in September for Vietnam trip: Ha Giang
Ha Giang, Vietnam

There is no doubt at all that Vietnam is gifted plenty of phenomenal natural landscapes which may astonish any beauty-explorer. A typical example for this natural magnificence is a range of tremendous terraced rice fields in Ha Giang – a mountainous province of the Northwestern Vietnam. It is highly recommended that September is the greatest time when you can peer down at the alluring charm of yellow terraced rice fields in the harvest. Besides, if picking Ha Giang as your ideal destination in Vietnam, do not ignore the fantastic attractions: Dong Van Ancient Town, Sung La Valley, Co Tien Twin Mountains, and Dong Van Plateau


Sapa, Vietnam

In September, Sapa is covered with the yellow of ripe rice fields, making up a completely spectacular natural painting. With the background of the yellow rice terraces, the painting appears more irrepressible by a few tiny houses of villages, such as Trung Chai, Ta Phin, & Ta Van and the ethnic people in colorful brocade clothes working in their fields. If you think of those brocade clothing items as gifts for your friends and families after the trip, do not hesitate to ask any local, and they will show you where to buy some.

Kon Tum

Wooden Church, Kon Tum
Wooden Church, Kon Tum

Another suggestion about the best destination to go in September is Kon Tum when this place is favored a wide range of graceful scenic landscapes and home to various ethnic people, for which you can learn about the richness of the locals’ culture. The places you can make visits to consist of Đăk bla River, Kon Klor Traditional House, Kon Klor Hanging Pedestrian, Kon Tum Former Prison, Wooden Church, Bac Ai Temple, Mang Den Eco-tourism Destination, etc.

Buon Me Thuot

Dray Nur Waterfalls
Dray Nur Waterfalls

When it comes to Buon Ma Thuot, many Vietnamese people will immediately talk to you about the vast fields of green coffee emerging among the clear sky in September. That is the reason why you ought not to lose out on a chance to experience a trip to this highland. Additionally, you will be overwhelmed by splendid waterfalls, miraculous national park, and charming Serepôk River.

Halong Bay

Where to go in September for Vietnam trip: Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Of course, Halong Bay is absolutely indispensable to the list of where to go in September for a Vietnam trip because of its irresistible charm created from a harmonious combination of rocks in plenty of shapes, forests, water, mountains, and blue sky. It is sure that with the wonderful weather of September, you will never find any let-down from activities at the bay, such as swimming, kayaking, exploring caves, visiting floating farms, and others.  How amazing the trip is!


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