Phong Dien Floating Market – Top Things to Do in Can Tho 

Phong Dien is not only known as an intimate floating market but also a place for local shopping and gossip exchange. Come here at the intersection of three rivers, where Can Tho River divides itself from Hau River. The market usually opens at 4 – 5 am as the sun starts rising. 

People also call Phong Dien floating market one of the busiest markets in the Mekong River Delta. Interestingly, unlike Cai Rang, this place doesn’t just sell agricultural items but also many other ones. You get to see many boats here displaying working tools and household products as well as fishing nets. 

Phong Dien floating market at a glance 

It takes about 17 km to head to the Southeastern and right at the intersection of three different rivers. Phong Dien is a perfect site for trading agricultural items and an ideal destination for Southern Vietnam. As mentioned, the goods of the market are quite diverse, which means that you can find anything you want, like cottage houses, sampan, hoes and so on. 

Floating market view at Phong Dien
Floating market view at Phong Dien

Along with those, it’s easy to find handicraft products if you like. These include panniers and rattan baskets in amazing shapes and designs for you to choose. Well, there are still many types of domestic and international cargoes not to miss here, so don’t hesitate to come and grab some when you’ve got a chance.

How to travel to Phong Dien floating market 

To arrive at Phong Dien floating market, you need to arrive at Can Tho City at first. It means that you’ve got to spend one night at least in Can Tho City. Obviously, you can find a lot of travel agencies offering you the boat ride from Ninh Kieu wharf to visit Cai Rang floating market and Phong floating market. 

With tourists who had already reached Cai Rang floating market before, feel free to skip it and then stay at a homestay nearby Phong Dien floating market. Or you can choose to hire the bike of the homestay to get around the rural region. Besides, it’s fine to join more activities with the owner of the house if you like.

The best time to visit Phong Dien 

The floating market usually opens early from dawn just like Cai Rang floating market. The time period from 7 – 8 am will be seen as the bustling time. But one thing that is unlike Cai Rang market is that Phong Dien won’t be closed at 9 am but remains its trading activities till the afternoon.

According to the locals, the market doesn’t only exchange agricultural items but also offering domestic tools and labor tools. For this reason, even when you miss the market’s busiest time, they still can stop here late to catch the beautiful scenery on the river.  

What to see in Phong Dien floating market?

Aside from the above items, the market also sells a great variety of food, including rice noodle soup, toast meat, porridge, duck salad, coffee, and many more. 

Eating at Phong Dien floating market
Eating at Phong Dien floating market – Source: vietfuntravel

Besides, you’ll see several ferry and vessels anchoring at the bank of the river. They would be all ready to take visitors to the floating market anytime they like. 

After getting around for shopping and sightseeing at the market, how about moving down to Tra Nien Canal to see the grave of patriotic poet Phan Van Tri? He’s famous for using the images of animals to criticize invaders and nation-traitors. It lies in Nhon Loc 1 Hamlet, Phong Dien Town, Phong Dien District. 

If not, you can choose to stroll along the villages, orchards, and immerse yourself in the modest yet cozy life of farmers in Nhon Ai, Nhon Nghia, Tan Thoi. And what’s else can fascinate you in the place?

Nowadays, a lot of brand new services grow strong in this market, like the floating petrol station that can sell many thousand liters to the ships and boats on the river. 

Together with them, the market also has sewing shops, mechanic shops, engineering shops for fixing motors, and tailor shops with fast service for clients. All of these floating services are available in the place to satisfy the demand of sellers and tourists.

Well, all products here are shown in the floating market, serving those who are interested in buying on the river.

Explore unique features of Phong Dien market

  • Learn “beo hang” method of trading in Phong Dien 

The most fascinating feature of the Phong Dien floating market is nothing else than its special method of trading. Locals often call it “beo hang” in Vietnamese. 

Learn a special "beo hang" method of trading at Phong Dien market
Learn a special “beo hang” method of trading at Phong Dien market

So what does it mean? It relates to a common trading culture that can be only seen in most floating markets. For example, those who are searching for their desired items, they need to find a suitable bamboo stick with whatever they want to get. This is one of the best ways for them to check the quality of any goods they wish to buy! 

  • Many surrounding benefits of the market 

Due to the convenient location, most trading activities of Phong Dien floating market are often in great condition. You get to see many restaurants, banks, hotels, and shops nearby. 

Among several attractions, Nhon Ai temple is said to be one of the holiest temples of Can Tho you can’t miss. Find it in the surrounding of the market as well. It’s also linked to many crucial avenues, like Phan Van Tri, Nguyen Thai Binh, Lo Vong Cung, and many other essential streets.

Or check more information from different reviews of other tourists who had visited here on TripAdvisor, you will find a great spot to observe the whole market. It’s going to be a rooftop of a coffee shop nearby for instance. 


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