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  • Address: 16 Tran Hung Dao, Da Lat, Lam Dong, Viet Nam
  • Location: Da Lat

Da Lat Cadasa resort is a large French villa adjacent to each other, over an extensive area of land six hectares, with ancient architectural characteristics, northern France for a long life, each villa is a style comments different structure, located on Tran Hung …


– Da Lat Cadasa resort has 13 villas all located on the neck area of 6 hectares. The villa style architecture different but adhered to the Republic of thousands of green information and identity of thousands of flowers they want to seem like one. Make good on a luxurious look, you sent seem lost but not with wild-level shelves, tile roof moss rich private.

– The resort has a high level all 65 rooms, from the rooms overlooking, visitors will be surprised when he saw the tree with the collection plate around the shield for shielding the villa.


– Each bedroom, living room and to the paths, flowering grass care billion rash very close and friendly environment, has attracted so many tourists.

– Some visitors stay here commented: “New, but old as modern but still ancient,” as “a paradise of pristine crust”.

Ancients beauty of a old archit:

– Arrive Da Lat Cadasa resort, visitors would not only be settled peacefully alone in the city space mountain but also admire the beauty of nature and interesting period of architecture unique. Especially the ancient villa architecture, as the dotted, connect past with present and future.

– Night in the cold of Dalat, tourists can feel the breath of the forest and immersed in the fog screen white clear night. But perhaps more interesting and romantic dreams are the persistent rain of Da Lat, peaceful and gentle. And so on, sip coffee cup or a little plateau Dalat wine is probably indispensable.

– If traveling with friends and family, nothing more than a warm fireplace gather the warmth of wood flavor and light information to the fire broke babbles together enjoy the gentle melodies, the music deep.

– A little relaxation with the nostalgic concept, depression, hallucinations, a space between the fanciful natural beauty and to live full integrity with yourself, with your loved ones a legacy of ancient architecture.

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