Back Alleys Expedition (bike tour)

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Daily Departure: 6:30am – 11:30am


Back Alleys Expedition (bike tour)

When traveling to Saigon, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the alleys on TNK Travel’s BACK ALLEYS EXPEDITION tour in cooperation with Saigon Morning Ride.
Saigon is famous as a big anthill, and going into small alleys is to explore every slice of that anthill. The alleys in Saigon are not only places where people live but also represent the culture of this place. Cycling around the alleys, travelers will have unique experiences not found on any other tour. Travelers will have the opportunity to meet and talk directly with local people and enjoy Vietnamese dishes at long-standing local restaurants hidden in winding alleys. Coming to our BACK ALLEYS EXPEDITION tour, visitors will:
-See the city in the morning and experience the typical activities of drinking early coffee and eating breakfast of Saigon people.
-Go through the alley to explore, experience, and learn about the culture of 6 inner districts of Ho Chi Minh City through locations in the alley.
-Experience cycling through tiny alleys only available on the Back Alleys Expedition (bike tour).
Cycling is not only a novel way to see the city, but also a great form of health promotion and environmental protection. Don’t worry about preparing your vehicle because the service at TNK Travel always ensures you from A to Z about specialized bicycles and protective equipment.


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Ho Chi Minh bicycle tour

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