Dora River Cruise

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Join us on Dora River cruise to discover the fascinating sceneries, rich historical and spectacular landscape of Yangon’s waterways and rivers.

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Join us on Dora River cruise to discover the fascinating sceneries, rich historical and spectacular landscape of Yangon’s waterways and rivers.

Our luxurious onboard experiences and interesting Cruise itineraries, make us the ultimate choice for your next river cruise holiday. The cruises are carefully designed so that guests can experience the very best highlights and attractions of each destination along the way.

You can relax in complete comfort and style on Dora while enjoying the river life of Yangon city or the livelihood of countryside on the other side. Don’t just take our words for it, you should experience the cruising yourself with Dora.

Welcome to our exciting new range of River Cruise for coming years – including exclusively chartered ship and brand new itineraries. We’ll take you to the best sights, cities and towns, while offering a truly enjoyable experience on board of our welcoming ship.

3:5 Hour Trip

Day 1

Morning Village Tour (3:5 Hour Trip)

Botahtaung Jetty - Wayonseit Village - Botahtaung Jetty


7:45 AM - Boarding at Botahtaung Jetty
8:00 AM - Departure from Botahtaung jetty
8:30 AM - Coffee / Tea + Snacks served on board
9:15 AM - Arrive at Wayonseit village
10:45 AM - Departure from Wayonseit Village
11:30 AM - Arrive at Botahtaung Jetty

Details of Cruise:

Come discover a taste of the true essence of Myanmar on the Morning Village Cruise. Bathe in the sparkle of morning sunlight and watch the bustle of life along the Yangon River during the early hours of the day. Travel down the Pan Hlaing River to Wayonseit, a typical Myanmar village lies on the river bank. Go excursion to observe Myanmar monastic education and contribution towards the children. And also able to see the craft of making bamboo basket.

Sunset Cruise

Day 1

Sunset Cruise in Yangon River


3:45 AM - Boarding at Botahtaung Jetty
4:00 AM - Departure from Botahtaung jetty
6:00 AM - Arrive at Botahtaung Jetty

Details of Cruise:

Come discover the spectacular sceneries of Yangon's waterways and the rich historical and cultural landscapes that lie along the coast of the Yangon River on the Sunset Cruise. Experience the beauty of Yangon in the final hours of its sunset while savoring the fresh evening breeze that comes through the Gulf of Mataban of the Andaman Sea. Observe the little-known Lighthouse of the Tuntae Canal and the buoy that indicates the whereabouts of Myanmar's famous Sint Ku Minn Bell. Witness the Shwedagon Pagoda from a different perspective. And enjoy the amazing glow of lights along the river banks as the sun gently sinks below the horizon.

2 days

Day 1

7:45 am Embarking on board
8:00 am Departure from Yangon
10:00 am Tea & coffee served on board
12:00 pm Lunch on board
14:30 pm Arrive Maletto*
Sight-seeing around Maletto* village
15:30 pm Departure from Maletto*
Tea & coffee served on board
16:30 pm Arrive Maubin**
17:30 pm Sight-seeing around Maubin** with Tuk Tuk
Garden dinner at Pan Waddy Restaurant
Overnight on board

Day 2

6:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast on board
8:30 am - 9:45 am Market tour
Sight-seeing around Maubin**
10:00 am Departure from Maubin**
11:30 am - 1:00 pm Lunch on board
1:00 pm Arrive Twante***
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Sight-seeing around Twante*** with trishaw or pony carts
Visiting the pottery industry
2:45 pm Departure from Twante***
Tea & coffee served on board
4:15 pm Arrive Yangon


Maubin was founded in 1879 by colonial British Deputy Commissioner S.T.Smith. In 1903 on the 1st of December Maubin district has been legally established and since then this town has been known as district city of Irrawaddy Division. Maubin is a clean quiet town and you will have the chance to view some of the colonial buildings which were built over 130 years ago. Along the Leisurely Cruise to Maubin you will enjoy unspoiled beauty of Delta side. Everything is delightfully different. There are typical Myanmar villages on the banks of Toe River and you can see their way of life. You can also feast your eyes on the wide area of green banana plantation and will have the chance of enjoying the colourful scenic sunset of Delta region.


In Maletto village you can observe antique Myanmar architecture at the monastery which built over 140 years ago. Go excursion to the Myanmar traditional fish sauce industry and see bamboo mat making.


It used to be an ancient city which lies 24 km away from Yangon. The cruise will sail across the famous Twante cannel dug during the colonial days. Twante is known for it's pottery making business. In Twante you will be also able to see rattan mat and Myanmar traditional pie making business.

Special tour

- Yangon Delta Villages Sight-seeing
- Moon light dinner on top deck in Yangon River
- Charter available
( Please contact us for more information)

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