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Cu Chi Tunnels half-day tour, Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels: Embark on a Historical Journey (Half-day Tour)

Unveiling the Enigmatic Underground World of Cu Chi

Have you ever imagined yourself lost in a mysterious underground realm, where the history of Vietnam echoes from the painful years of war? Indeed, we introduce to you the unique experience of the “Cu Chi Tunnels.” This alluring destination captivates not only the Vietnamese locals but also garners attention from international travelers worldwide. To set ourselves apart, the tour program at Cu Chi Tunnels is more than just a history lesson about the war; it’s a cultural, educational, and personal development journey.

Have you ever questioned if you possess the courage to immerse yourself in the life beneath the earth? This daring expedition will guide you to comprehend the lives of the Cu Chi warriors and their mindset as you navigate the deep tunnels underground. You’ll experience their lives and stories, brimming with inspiration and resilience during the wartime era. It’s an entirely fresh and unforgettable encounter.

You’ll be amazed to learn that the tunnels in Cu Chi were constructed not only for safety but also to establish a distinctive cultural foundation and spread an invincible message. At Cu Chi Tunnels, you won’t just engage in activities like shooting firearms, enjoying cassava, watching documentaries, and hearing tales of indomitable courage from a generation of citizens.

  • The History of Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is an underground defense system in Cu Chi district, 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. This system was trained during the Indochina War and the Vietnam War. The navigation system includes a clinic, many rooms, a kitchen, a storage room, an office, and a method of underground stops, about 250 km long, and with vapor systems at the location of the bushes. Cu Chi Tunnels were built at the end of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, on the land famously known as the “steel ground” a container of the strongest defenses of the army and people here. During the 1968 Tet, the South Vietnamese Liberation Army departed from this system to attack Saigon.

After the war, the Cu Chi tunnels became a national historical relic. In 2015, Cu Chi Tunnels Historic Site received the title of Labor Hero with exceptional achievements in labor and creativity. In 20 years of operation, the relic has welcomed more than 20 million domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn. On February 12, 2016, the site received the Special National Monument Ranking Certificate.

  • What’s so special about the Cu Chi Tunnels? 

When visiting Cu Chi tunnels, you will get to experience visiting the unique tunnel system situated here.

Despite being a man-made tunnel system, this place is capable of resting, with also space for weapons and food storage, not to mention water, Hoang Cam kitchens, and even a cellar for mobilization, and entertainment. There are also pits, cool roofs, and clever disguises for movies and entertainment. Fully meet the basic requirements of the soldier at the time.

Even with the enemy army’s efforts to destroy the tunnel but they failed again and again due to the unique structure of the location combined with the intelligence of the soldiers. The tunnel system is located deep in the ground, able to withstand the destructive power of the biggest bombs of the enemy. Gas information to the address through the vents cannot be accessed. Different areas of the tunnel can be isolated as needed.

The tunnel is underground from 3 to 8m deep, the height is just enough for people to stand below. The first tunnel on the day of the expedition had the lights off to provide drinking and living water for the entire tunnel area. The tunnel system consists of 3 floors, from the “backbone” road, radiating countless long branches, short branches connecting, and some branches leaving the Saigon River. The floor is 3m above the ground, resistant to bright sunlight and the weight of tanks and armored vehicles.

There is a saying that if the Cu Chi Tunnels fall, Vietnam will lose the war. And if this tunnel is still standing, the Vietnamese army will hold on to their victory. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the tunnel at Cu Chi tunnels played a massive role in the success of the Vietnamese army.

When coming to Cu Chi tunnels, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the historical stories behind each location here. In addition, you can also experience real life in the tunnel and enjoy the dish that the Vietnamese army used: cassava dipped in sesame salt, a simple dish but imbued with the historical culture of Cu Chi province. Do not miss the experience of going through the deep dark tunnels to know the strength of the Vietnamese soldiers in the war.

  • What to see in Cu Chi tunnels?

  1. Ben Dinh Tunnels

Ben Dinh Tunnels is located on Provincial Road 15, this is the base of the Cu Chi District Party Committee. After Dong Khoi, in 1967, the movement of tunnel training in Cu Chi gradually reformed and developed strongly throughout the district, especially in 6 of the northern communes. Ben Dinh has a very favorable location, has a unique forest stretching over 100 hectares, the land is tall and solid, it is difficult to have landslides, it is the pair of Saigon rivers, in the case of a sweeping march, we can motor towards safe retreat. Therefore, the Cu Chi District Party Committee chose Ben Dinh as the basis to lead and direct Cu Chi troops and people in the fierce war with the US Army from 1968 to 1975.

  1. Ben Duoc Tunnels

Coming to Ben Duoc, visitors will visit the tunnel system, the basements of the leaders of the Party Committee, and the Military Zone of Saigon – Cho Lon – Gia Dinh who lived and fought during the war.

Before entering the ticket control gate right at the forest gate, visitors will visit the display of bombs and cannons of the US army that were used on the Cu Chi battlefield and Cu Chi guerrilla weapons used to fight the enemy. the US Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. After that, visitors will take a practical tour of the tunnel with works located deep underground such as: The living and working basement of the leaders of the Party Committee, the Command of the Saigon – Cho Lon – Gia Military Region. Especially, visitors will witness with their very own eyes a creative invention in an effort of hiding the smoke of Hoang Cam’s kitchen and dishes. After that enjoy the “delicacy” of the old guerrillas, which has now become a specialty: cassava dipped in salt and sesame.

  • Shooting experience is an activity not to be missed in Cu Chi Tunnels

It is a thrilling sport that many tourists participate in. Visitors will feel excited when trying their gunnery at the shooting range. You can choose for yourself the appropriate guns to be used during the war, after being fully trained, you can test your shooting skills with moving bullseyes.

  • How to explore Cu Chi Tunnels

You can explore Cu Chi by bus, or motorbike. However, you still have the best choice to explore Cu Chi tunnels with TNK Travel. Together with a team of professional tour guides, share in-depth historical stories over the years. An opportunity to explore in detail Cu Chi’s unique tunnel system with storage facilities, weapons factories, kitchens, and countless unique hatches and food enjoyed during the war.

  • Tips when coming to Cu Chi Tunnels

– Bring anti-infectives and wear comfortable long pants for activities

– Carry sunscreen, an umbrella, and a jacket to protect yourself from the UV. 

– It is recommended to wear sports shoes for the best discovery experience.

– Check the weather forecast so you can prepare the right gear

Surely, after the tour, visitors will leave in their traveling hearts a striking feeling, an extremely enjoyable experience, which is the service of intelligence, creativity, fighting spirit, and endurance of the Military and people of Cu Chi in building and developing the world-famous war tunnels system.


Day 1

Cu Chi Tunnel (half day tour)

Pick up at your hotel and depart to Cu Chi will take approximately one and a half hours of bus driving. Upon arrival, before exploring the tunnels, you will have a short introduction followed by an introductory video about how the tunnels were constructed and how the people survived in the harsh conditions of wartime. Then, spend your time exploring the remaining area and tunnel systems which included the specially constructed living areas with kitchens, and bedrooms side by side with other martial facilities like storage, weapons factories, field hospitals, and command centers helping whoever lives inside the tunnels meet their basic needs. Besides, there are also many hidden trap doors and dangerous traps within the maze-like tunnels for security purposes during the war. Afterward, special tea and cassava (guerilla’s food during the war) will be served. Break time for relaxation or time for those who want to try the real shooting gun. Return to Saigon. End trip.

Price & Bookings

Tour price includes:

  • A/c van/bus pick up(centrally located hotel), transfer & sightseeing as per program.
  • English speaking guide
  • All entrance fees

Tour price excludes:

  • Other meals not mentioned in the program
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance

Children Policy 

Children will be counted from age 4 – 11 years old

Children under 4 years old: Free of charge for 1st child

A maximum of 2 children accompanied by 2 adults


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