Experience the perfect trip in Cambodia

Every once in a while, you need to visit a place you have never visited before. There are so many beautiful and unique places in the world that will change your life completely. One of those places definitely is Cambodia. If you have never been in south-east Asia, that is one more reason to choose your majestic Cambodia adventure tour and get ready for one of the most beautiful places in the world. TNK Travel is offering different packages, but no matter which one you will choose, Cambodia will welcome you with a huge smile. There is a list of reasons why this country should be your first choice for your next trip.

Cambodia has rich history and heritage

If you are not too familiar with the heritage and history of Cambodia, you will be able to learn so many things, and some of those things will definitely change your life. Cambodia was the territory of Khmer Empire, which is why the country is full with temples and ruins from those times. In every city, in every area, there is a breathtaking temple as the reminder of the times when Cambodia was the part of the powerful empire. One of the most amazing places, which is also a national symbol of this country is Angkor Wat, complex of temples. You should also visit BengMelaea and PreahVihear. All those places are mystical and fascinating, and you will be thrilled with the fact that you can see all that in person. You should take some time to learn more to the recent history which is not so bright. Cambodia had very turbulent past, with the harsh political regime of Pol Pot. The regime is known as Khmer Rouge, and it is something that the world will never forget. Make sure to pay respect to all those people who lost their lives during that dark period. You can visit Killing fields in PhonomPehn, and TuolSleng Genocide Museum.

Extraordinary adventures

Cambodia is offering so much. Around every corner, you can find some amazing adventure. You can enjoy in Cambodia day trips to Siem Reap, typical tourism city in which you can shop of get the foot massage. If you like cycling, you should not miss Siem Reap cycling tour, or Angkor cycling tour. Opportunities you have are endless, and every new day will give you the chance to do something you have never done before. You can try:

-Elephant rides
-Wildlife tours, etc.

Spectacular nature

When it comes to Cambodia, people were not realizing how beautiful this country is. Fortunately, dark period in this amazing land is over, which is why tourists from all over the world are visiting the country. Nature in Cambodia is simply breathtaking. It has wonderful white sand beaches with green palms and turquoise water, jungles full of animal species you cannot see anywhere else in the world, lakes with fresh water, and amazing islands you can check with Cambodia island cruises tour that TNK Travel is offering. You will equally enjoy wherever you go.

Crazy nightlife

If you are visiting this lovely land with your partner of group of friends, make sure to check Cambodia nightlife. You will have the time of your lives. Bars are full of people who are enjoying in live band performances by the beach. Drink your favorite beverage and relax. Cambodian nightlife will offer you so much, and the next day, you will just want to lay on the beach and sleep.

Delicious meals

For every food lover, Cambodia is a true gem. It is a mixture of several different cuisines, which is why meals you will try in Cambodia will be the explosion of taste. You must try the street sea food, because it is so special and very tasty. As soon as you come home, you will tell your friends and family that you enjoyed in every bite.

Friendly local people

One of the things you will love the most about Cambodia is its people. If you think about all those horrible things they went through and see their smiling faces, you will see how the hope in better future looks like. They went through so much, but they never gave up. Whenever you meet a local, no matter if it is a fruit or fish seller, tuctuc driver, or the waiter, they will all give their best to make you feel like you are at home. They will welcome you and they will make sure you never forget their country. And how can you? Those people deserved your appreciation and respect, because they are fighters and believers. There is a very popular term in Asia: Khmer smile. When you finally visit Cambodia, and experience the perfect trip, you will understand why that term is so popular.


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