Night Out in Khmer Way

As Siem Reap River is important to Khmer People as the place is just right the center of Siem Reap, people eventually mark as the spot to meet each other at the bank of the river. Seeing the tourist go and come to the Art Center Night Market and waiting the other mate to start the night out. Okay here we go!

Pub Street

Firstly they walk around the Pub Street to see what is going on tonight, which Bar is new decoration or changing anything, any promotion or discount offering in town. Usually Khmer people don’t like to walk, but it’s different if the time is sundown. They want to enjoy by being with friends, talking and going around in the evening is another story.

After walking sightseeing for a while, they started to feel the hungry then they will discuss which place to go for dinner. I bet they will choose a name out of the beer gardens which is situated in khmer pub street, the location wise – the street behind the National Museum of Siem Reap. There are quite a lot of local beer gardens and not busy with tourist, a real khmer place. You can find some expatriate or a tourist or two, but not crowded like Pub Street.

Pub Street

A Beer and Bor Bor is the main part in this kind of Beer Garden. Bor Bor is the rice soup with much kind of meat and vegetable, can called as Rice Porridge, but not exactly the same. The taste and cooking system is very different from normal porridge. An order with a normal beer jug and a bowl of seafood bor bor might cost you less than $5, and it can be enough for two people or three if you don’t eat a lot. A creamy taste with spicy & sour Bor Bor is really good choice meal after drink as it give back all energy and freshness again.

They eat and drink until they reach their limit, then it’s time to shake the body. Hip-Hop is popular for Khmer. They move to night club where they can enjoy the music to chill their mind and soul. They don’t want to order a lot of drink at night club because of the price is expensive than the other local places. That’s one reason why they go to beer garden first, then the club. After chill out with the music and clubbing experiences, then siem reap river bank in front of Old Market is the place for second time in the same night.

Old Market

There you can find Mee Char – a fry noodle with egg or beef for your supper. Time to go home or go for another drink is your choice. Sometime they are still looking for a drink, can go to the beer garden, again. It’s routine like circle until the night is enough for you.

TNK Travel Team


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