The Pub Street of Siem Reap

Okay here we go – Pub Street! Why?  What?

Actually it’s the place where all tourists go for drink and food. The lively atmosphere and the variety of food to cater to all taste, that make the place as  the Siem Reap party’s hub and one of the landmark, no need to worry for  the tequila or the world food. Every time you need something it is either there or around.

Pub Street

In the day time, Pub Street is just for lunch or a tea time place to avoid the sun. Right in the middle of the street, Tex-Mex restaurant is offering Mexican & Tex-Mex choice. The corner one Red Piano and other side corner Touch Restaurant both offer French food and famous in town. At the other end of Pub Street, Soup Dragon is offering Vietnamese food mixed with Cambodia and Temple Balcony Restaurant is located oppositely where you can enjoy Apsara Dance in the city center.

Pub Street

When the sun goes down, the Pub Street area creates another appearance and a brand new scene come alive. Music playing everywhere, some performing live shows and there are quite plenty of entertainment and activities for everyone to enjoy. From friendly places to chill out spots, the area compromise for everyone.

Within the same block, you’ll also find the Angkor Arts Center and several other night markets. After dinner at the restaurant of your choice, you can walk along the night markets. There is three or four prime night markets can be found. Various souvenir shops and art craft shops are located along the street. Some painting arts are also presenting their best items to get some attention from the tourist.

Pub Street

Pub Street offers an energetic array of nightlife and entertainment choices. Live music surrounds you at Triangle Bar until late. You can expect some Jazz/ blue music at Red Piano or Soup Dragon. The famous Angkor What Bar which is also the first bar opened in the Pub Street offer a complete drink list and  Graffiti art wall make the people amazing and crazy at night under the light spots.  Temple Bar is quite well-known for its decoration, atmosphere and the pools. Around mid-night the people from those two bars come out to street as it’s not possible to go inside anymore, already filled every single floor. The music makes them happy and keeps the area alive till the people are exhausted.

My favorite place to drink is Home Cocktail which is 1 minute walking distance from Pub Street and can enjoy the peaceful surrounding where you can escape from the hassle world a while. We enjoy the drink and same time for chit chat, exchange travel experiences and so on. The drink is not expensive, affordable and its worth, kind of local rate with western style service.

Pub Street

After mid-night everybody seems to go home as the pub street is starting to quiet and peaceful. But there is still some music from far. Its X-Bar right just a 100m distance from Pub Street!!! Regardless of which bar you were chilled out in the early of the night, X-Bar is like your last destination or a meeting place before you go to bed. Mostly they open till 4am in the morning, but for most occasion party night, they open their doors until six in the morning. And it’s all about nightly.

TNK Travel Team


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