An interesting Holiday in Laos

Laos is a place to be for everyone who wants to have an interesting holiday. It is loaded with everything one needs to make his holiday exciting. The beautiful sceneries, islands, topographies, archeological features, structures of relevance, things to watch, see and do all contribute towards making Laos the best place for any tourist to be. This explains why most tourists choose this wonderful destination for their tour. The question to ask is this: why should you choose Laos for your tour?

Why Choose Laos

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There are lots of Laos holiday packages for tourists. These range from myriads of entertainment features to sightseeing features. One of the major pulling factors that attract untold numbers of tourists to Laos is the Laos’ 4000 islands. In fact, most tourists come for no other reason than to enjoy the beautiful, interesting and attractive features offered by the islands. The truth is that the islands offer inexhaustible features. Some of the top islands of the 4000 islands include the Don Dhet, Don Khon, Don Khong and so forth. The islands present features such as entertainment, recreation and so forth. You can cruise the Mekong River and even cruise to Vietnam and enjoy a lot of other amazing features.

Loads of Entertainment Features


Laotians are friendly people who welcome strangers and guests, they also present guests with Laos holiday packages that are quite interesting. For instance, adventurous tour of Laos by motorcycle is the commonest way of move through the country to see the entire Laos. In addition, most tourists prefer to trek and sightsee. Trekking will allow you to visit beautiful places in Laos. You can visit the famous Wat Phou temple.

Wat Phou temple is a must-visit place for every tourist in Laos. This temple is famous for its relevance in Laotian history. The temple was built since the 5th century and some of the buildings in Wat Phou had been there since the 5th century. In addition, you can also find some buildings in Wat Phou built around the 11th and 13th century. The archeological relevance of Wat Phou is important to note. The temple is deemed as one of the oldest buildings in the world today. This is why it is very important in the history of Laos as well as in South Asia, Asian continent and in the world at large. You can watch the beautiful Buddha images and even see the entire scenario from the amazing view it presents.


You need a reliable travel firm to enjoy the amazing features and services obtainable from Laos. One of the best companies to leverage in order to enjoy the Laos holiday packages is TNK Travel. Here, experienced tourist experts will help you to enjoy the whole of it. With the top notch travel service, you will have access to some of the best travel services and make huge bang for the bucks. Traveling is the best way to see the world and one of the most important place to visit is Laos.

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