Best places to visit in Bangkok

Do you like traveling? Are you looking for beautiful place to visit? Yes, you are on right place. Man is a lover of natural beauty and therefore, pleases himself by taking tours to those fascinating sites, which are rich in natural attraction. Whenever anyone finds time and gets holidays from office, he desires of visiting some scenic place to have fun. There are many places of attractions in the world. It is impossible for a man to sort all of them. That’s why, people find such places that could prove their tour a memorable one. Bangkok is also considered to be one of most stunning cities of the world. Its history tells that it emerged as a centre for trade about 200 years back. It is the capital of Thailand and is most inhabited city. Due to its emergence in 19th century, it possesses much of its historical blend in modern styles. There are a variety of historical places including religious temples and royal palaces. If one is agreed to take tour of a captivating place, Bangkok should be considered. For this you can avail any of  Thailand Tour Package. Some surprising places of Bangkok are being described here to let our visitors to have an idea of its charm.

1. WatArun Palace, Bangkok

WatArun Palace

It is also named as “The Temple of Dawn”. When the sun rises, the light falls on it and is reflected back with a variety of different colors. It was constructed in late eighteenth century. It was used as residential place for many kings. They spent a lot to enhance its beauty. It has now become the biggest tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is also known to be the holiest temple of Thailand.

2. Floating Market, Bangkok

Floating Market Bangkok

Bangkok tourism is also dependent on floating markets which provide tourists a variety of fruits and vegetables. The wooden boats of the floating markets are always filled with fruits, juices and all type of eatables. Due to its popularity among tourists, it is flourishing in different regions of Bangkok and Thailand. You will love,

  • Floating boats
  • Vendors
  • Smiling people
  • Acrobatic display of marketing

3. China Town, Bangkok

China Town Bangkok

China Town is a place of great fascination and attracts tourists all around. It is a kind of paradise on earth for those who love food. There is a vast diversity of pleasing stalls, shops, gold markets and Bangkok hotels. It is well known for its captivating sights and finest priced fares. The Bangkok nightlife can be seen here when lights are lit and dance bars are opened.

4. Bo Lan Restaurant

Bo Lan Restaurant

When you think about eating and want something new and delicious, Bangkok restaurants offer you the best advantage. These restaurants are famous for availability of new recipes and foods. One of the most famous among these restaurants is Bo Lan Restaurant which ensures unique qualities of dishes that differ it from other restaurants in Bangkok.

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