Beyond compare? The Delights of Son Doong Cave

What have you known about Son Doong Cave? It is ranked the largest cave in the world. That’s it? I bet that it has attractions as well as stories behind it, rivaling the world’s best. Let’s see!

Discovering Son Doong Cave is as thrilling as any story about archeology

Son Doong cave
Penetrating into Son Doong Cave is exhilarating as if you are reading a story about archeology

Right after Son Doong Cave was discovered and exposed to humans by media, newspaper, and other means of communications, it seems that the wonder has surprised the whole world. Many locals who are lucky to know about the story behind discovering Son Doong must cry that it is as thrilling as searching for treasures or artifacts buried millions of years. Why?

The person happening to find Son Dong Cave used to be a farmer. It was in 1991 when the farmer sought for a kind of valuable wood in a forest; by that time, while running for a shelter from the rain, he discovered the gate of a large cave. Nonetheless, because there was no reason for being impressed by the cave, he did not tell it to anyone later, which resulted in it falling into oblivion for a long time.

Until British Caving Association came to Phong Nha-Ke Bang for some research on new caves, the image of Son Doong Cave began occurring to his mind again. After that, he accompanied them on the journey of finding the cave again, but it totally failed because he did not remember where it was exactly located.

Eventually, one day he came back to the forest for some reason and unintentionally discovered the gate of the cave again. It is believed that Son Doong’s fate and the farmer were sealed from the moment he took it as the shelter from the rain.

One primeval forest inside the cave is as breathtaking as Secret Garden

Son Doong Cave
One of the elements making Son Doong Cave more special is one primeval inside it

Have you ever heard about a primeval forest formed inside a cave? Sound weird? Yes, the reason why that forest can grow inside Son Doong is that the cave’s ceiling was collapsed  due to some elements of nature centuries ago. Every corner of the forest looks like a secret garden; it is so magnificent that nobody can take their eyes off the scenery around. As for the ecosystem here, the cave is referred to as the home of various species of fauna and flora, such as flying foxes, monkeys, vines, fern, palm, etc. Not only that, an ancient lake, a waterfall, and rivers inside the cave contribute to the enhancing landscape here.

It is no exaggeration that people call the primeval forest inside the cave another version of the secret garden because of its irresistible beauty.

The expedition deep to the cave is as challenging as any deadly journey

Son Dong Cave
Challenges lie in every corner of Son Doong Cave

Why is the expedition deep to the cave as challenging as any deadly journey? It is because there are tough stretches of the cave, requiring your resilience, strength, health and carefulness to overcome. Hence, when designing a Son Doong tour, the operators must arrange plenty of supporters as well as accompaniers during the expedition in order to ensure all adventurers’ safety.

The scenery along its trails is as splendid as that of a mysterious underground wonder

Son Doong Cave
The scenery in Son Doong Cave is ravishingly beautiful

Inside Son Doong Cave, although most trails during an expedition are tough, the scenery at two sides is incredible. It is possible to state that the natural scenes are what you never see before. Besides the primeval forest as a secret garden, what astonish you so much are special pearls created through the process of dripping water and creating calcite crystals on the sand.

All scenery in Son Doong Cave is portrayed as a mysterious underground wonder, and it is also a priceless treasure the Creator gifted to human. If you are lucky to able to join the expedition, it is probable to say that here is almost the most meaningful experience in your life.



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