Review for Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta full day tour

Tourism in Vietnam has been developing every day, so to many travelers to each region of the country, recommendations, reviews, suggestions, tips, and advice from experienced ones are indeed valuable. Among the places supposed to be popular for a visit to Vietnam are Cu Chi Tunnels in the Ho Chi Minh City’s outskirts and the Mekong Delta in proximity to this city. Then, is there anything exciting to uncover during the tour to those areas? Let me tell my story here!

Before knowing and going on Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta full day tour

As an American guy who had an opportunity to visit Vietnam many weeks ago, I were confused to pick one tour for entertainment in Ho Chi Minh City. I must say that I were confused because there were too a lot of suggestions from forums, e.g. tripadvisor. Of course, activities in the heart of downtown were supposed to be pretty enough for two days there. You can join a city tour to discover Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Post Office, War Museum, and other landmarks. In addition, drinking beer at the Saigon’s backpacker area, coming to walking streets, or entering bars is also a good way to have nightlife experiences of the city. If you think that it is not enough yet, street food tours to go around and savor Vietnamese cuisines and cooking classes are alternatives.

Nonetheless, I inadvertently found the tour of Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta full day which included plenty of fascinating and meaningful activities. Although the tour just lasted for one day, I supposed that I got more things than I expected at the beginning. It was amazing to get closer to the culture and history of Vietnam through this trip.

More clearly, the tour was booked at my hotel in the Saigon backpacker’s area. After breakfast, I came to their office – because where I stayed was pretty near the office – for the trip. Just waiting about 10 minutes, I got on their bus. The bus headed towards the outskirts of Saigon and arrived at the so-called Cu Chi.

My itinerary to Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta full day tour

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels
             The site of Cu Chi Tunnels is a nice spot to explore a part of the Vietnamese history 

A short video was presented in front of us before we actually explored the site. Surely, you didn’t believe what I would say to you here, but it was true. The guide described Cu Chi Tunnels as a wide and complicated network under the ground; he told us that we could consider it as a great underground village for survival. Of course, we couldn’t penetrate deep inside the network for our safety, and more than that, the local authority didn’t allow us to do that. However, all zones we were permitted to explored were unbelievable; it was so hard to imagine how Vietnamese people could live and work in such a severe condition. Traps used in the wartime looked like handmade toys, but they were extremely dangerous in how it worked. What actually challenged me was crawling through narrow and dark tunnels. It’s thrilling. However, I advised you not to try it if you feel the tunnel is too tiny compared to your body.

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta
   Getting on a sampan to soak up the tranquility is an exciting experience in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is known as a water region in southwestern Vietnam Like you now, when I prepared for the trip to this place, I wondered what would welcome me there? If I said that the land is tremendously impressive, it is totally a lie. The land is simple, the locals are simple even innocent, but I like that. Due to the trip, I found peace in mind and learned new things which a modern city never has.

Some activities in the Delta consist of getting on a wooden sampan to roam along a canal with breeze – it’s quite comfortable, entering a family business specializing in making coconut fudge, and tasting some types of fruit cut into slices and put in small plates on the table. Additionally, I really like sipping a small glass of fragrant tea with honey, and listening to a kind of folk music – interestingly, Vietnamese people really embrace this music.

The guide accompanying with us was an informative and humorous guy; he told us lots of things regarding cultural traditions of the locals. Our group by that day was 27 people, but he was well organized and made us feel that the trip never wasted our money.

If you make a visit to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, this tour is surely what you must go on. While there are also numerous things to experience in the city, the ones for you to gain insights into the culture, lifestyle, and people of Vietnam are supposed to be the most valuable. Do not hesitate anymore. Take the trip instead, and you will perceive the most amazing features about it.


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