Secrets behind Vietnamese Cuisine through ages

From the past until now, Vietnamese cuisine has kept unique features which are allegedly unchangeable. Apart from preserving traditional elements, the locals never refuse to approach the quintessence of cuisines in the globe whereby Vietnam is richer and richer in specialties. Let’s see what are secrets behind Vietnamese cuisine so that it can distinguish from the others all over the world.

Vietnamese cuisine being ordinary yet excellent

Secrets behind Vietnamese Cuisine through ages: Pho Vietnam
Secrets behind Vietnamese Cuisine through ages: Pho Vietnam

Despite the fact that Vietnamese cuisine underwent different ages of the history, its original elements have remained; its quintessence is still hidden behind a simple look. Vietnamese people enjoy each dish by all their senses; hence, the dish is supposed to be a complex combination of ingredients and spices, which brings any eater an unforgettable experience.

Yin-Yang philosophy in Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine
The Yin Yang concept in the Vietnamese culinary art

Another impressive feature of Vietnamese cuisine is that Yin-yang philosophy is found in each culinary delight. While concocting food, the Oriental chefs always focus on carefully combining ingredients and spices to create the balance in flavor and texture. Additionally, the way a dish is garnished also presents the fact that it is not only delicious and harmonious from the outer appearance, but also ensures the health for eaters since it helps balance yin elements and yang elements in the body.

Vietnamese cuisine through ages always embracing communal elements

The Vietnamese people’s habit of eating and drinking bears communal elements inside it. This fact is demonstrated by the way they enjoy a meal in their family, eat out with their friends or attend some party, all of which have one thing in common; this is, everyone gathers and savors culinary delights shared while talking to each other. Here is exactly the sign of community solidarity and community respect from the past until now.

Vietnamese cuisine distinctive by the impact of wet-rice civilization on it

Bun bo Hue
Vietnam possesses a cuisine entwined in dishes made from rice

As an Asian country famous for its wet-rice civilization, Vietnam possesses a cuisine entwined in dishes made from rice. What most locals eat every day is boiled rice often going with braised meat, fish, chicken, fried vegetables, soup, or some others. It is possible to say that boiled rice is an indispensable part in a family meal of Vietnamese people. Aside from that common dish, there are some specialties made from rice, such as pho, hu tiu, bun thang, bun rieu, bun bo, mi quang, and other kinds of noodle soup.

Vietnamese cuisine, an exciting combination of spices and condiments

While many western cuisines are seasoned with little or no spice, Vietnamese people prefer using various condiments as well as spices to enhance their food’s flavor. Interestingly, they often have a diversity of liquid with a strong taste to dip food into before enjoying it, e.g. nuoc mam (fish sauce), nuoc tuong (soy sauce), mam nem, etc. Generally, the balance between flavors and tastes is always put in a top priority.

Vietnamese cuisine approaching new things from other cultures

Of course, preserving unique features of indigenous cuisine is always a spirit of Vietnamese people. However, new things from the global cuisine are never bad to learn and approach. To make Vietnamese cuisine more excellent, diverse, and richer, those who are passionately interested in that field have been changing and adding the most quintessential elements from the other cultures to the Vietnam, which still ensure the locals’ taste.

It is believed that an international visitor to Vietnam cannot find out the most wonderful details in Vietnam cuisine if he just tastes several dishes. Instead, spending time on getting to know it at cooking classes and savoring what are actually culinary delights of Vietnam pay off for certain.


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