Handy Tips for Travelling Alone

Solo travel is supposed to be the self-indulgence in exploring wherever and whenever you wish; it also means you can determine your route for yourself, ranging from departure time to itineraries. Additionally, this travel type enables you to take a rest and continue on your way without depending on your companions. Another benefit which can be found in traveling alone is to learn lots of things about the world and even put difficulties down to experience.

Staying safe while you are travelling alone

Handy Tips for Travelling Alone

Of course, since you do not join a tour group and are not accompanied by an experienced guide, your major concern is surely safety. There is nobody watching your back, so the greater likelihood of criminal and scams occurs to you. For this reason, the following could help:

+ Getting to know in advance how long & how far it is from the airport to reach your hotel and how much it may cost. Ask the driver for the fare before you get in the taxicab. Bear in mind that you should skip it and find another cab if realizing something is wrong.

+ Searching for a hotel with a 24-hour reception desk because your flight can arrive late.  You never want the prospect in which you end up staying overnight in some car.

+ Not leaving public and open places when the night falls.

+ Not appearing as if you are a real tourist or a newbie in traveling.

+ Not wearing jewelry while walking along the streets since it will draw snatchers around.

+ Not letting someone hear you are alone, so instead of asking a simple question: Can you show me the way to the museum”, you can add: “My friend is waiting for me there.”

+ Doing some research on where and how you will go from the internet or maps before leaving your hotel.

+ Writing your friend or family member a specific itinerary you follow in advance.

Trusting less

Manifestly, scams may be somewhere around you and out of your awareness, so it is indeed risky if you totally believe anyone you talk to. Even the people you have just befriended appear very kind, but they may be scam artists. Open-mindedness is nice, but it is better to keep enough watchful on the new friends to ensure your safety.

Avoiding the single supplement

The single supplement is at times inevitable while you are travelling independently. Just avoid it by asking a tour operator to offer roommate matching, which may be Holland America Line, G Adventures, Road Scholar, or Intrepid Travel. If possible, you should take hostels charging per bed instead of per room into consideration; it will be not only cheaper, but also more secure.

Solo dining

When you are staying in some city at night, there is more than one way to avoid dining alone. First, book a motorbike tour to gain nightlife experiences and enjoy street food there. An alternative is to read a book while eating or taking a sip of some drink. For those who hate noise while having dinner, just arrive at a restaurant and ask for some private space for the meal.

Asking the locals’ advice

Upon catching a glimpse of the locals who are working on their farms in the countryside, or students, or vendors in large cities, you can get close to them and ask for some advice on where you want to go or what you want to do while travelling alone. Perhaps, those people are more honest and trustworthy to talk to.


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