How to Successfully Bargain in Vietnamese Markets

Surely you never wish to get the overpriced items during your trip to Vietnam or any country in the world. Then what do you think about bargaining while you go shopping? Bargaining in Vietnamese markets is referred to as the art of buying products, and to practice it is by no means difficult if you know about the following ways.

How to Successfully Bargain in Vietnamese Markets

Do not buy the first item you see

There is one surprising thing that although many Vietnamese markets are fairly large, you will always find more than one places selling the same products. While some people are confused about this selling, the others consider it to be an opportunity to reach good deals. In more detail, arrive at several shops to bargain over the prices of the same items instead of buying one as soon you see it first. It will be better to have some ideas about the price before deciding on what you wish to own.

Never think of a fixed price in your head before you begin to bargain

Bargaining in Vietnamese markets is regarded as the art of buying products, and it is wrong to inscribe a fixed price in your head before you start to practice the art. Let your mind freely think about the fluctuation in the price which may end up being far lower than you still imagine. Notice that you can only pay from 1/3 to ¼ of the beginning price. Otherwise, just let it go.

Smile and always be nice

As far as you are aware, in markets or any new lands of the world, the majority of people are pleased to meet nice guests/customers, and they also tend to respond to positively. If you always smile and gently talk to the sellers in Vietnamese markets, they do the same to you and even offer you good deals after some negotiations. Do not take everything so serious while you are just coming here as a visitor.

Be ready to walk away from a deal

One of the most helpful tips on bargaining in Vietnamese markets is ready to walk away. Once the seller does not accept the price you want to pay, do not be afraid to walk away as if you start to neglect that item. In most of such cases, you will be called back with an acceptance of the low price you have asked for. Remember you should not glue your eyes to the item, revealing that you have a strong desire to own it. Additionally, just buy it when you have been happy with its price.

Ask several questions

Despite the fact that not all sellers in Vietnamese markets can speak English with you, try to express what you want and keep the conversation lasting by your body language because it is helpful to create a better rapport and later get the price  you expect.

Practice your “surprised look” at home before bargaining at the markets

It is possible to say that bargaining is also similar to a game, and if you want to win it, you must let the seller see that their price is not right at all by a look of surprise on your face. Of course, the price at the markets is typically set to be higher than it is first. Therefore, surprising is supposed to be a way to get a good deal while bargaining in the Vietnamese markets.


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