Something you can know about Craft Beer in Vietnam

Craft beer in Vietnam seems to be a new term and also a new product of beer recently spreading over the country. It is possible to say that the increasing number of craft breweries in the metropolises is to allegedly bring more new experiences, to the delight of numerous international and domestic travelers. It will be with regret that you miss out on a chance to try one.

What is a craft beer?

Perhaps, many of you, non-Vietnamese travelers have heard a lot about the term “Craft Beer” in your country and even through others regions all over the world. This is a form of beer made with distinctive features by some pub, not a large brewery. According to US Brewers Association, to recognize craft beer requires three following elements:

  • Small: it means the production output of craft beer is just less than two million barrels per year.
  • Independent: it means that just less than 25% of a craft brewery can be owned by someone who is not a craft brewer.
  • Traditional: it means craft beer is made from traditional ingredients and by traditional fermentation.

Craft bear in Vietnam

Craft beer has come and spread over Vietnam since 2014 due to experienced brewmasters who are foreigners yet live in Vietnam and accustomed to the culture of craft beer. Saigon and Hanoi are widely known as two cities with the increasing production of this drink, and recently most Saigonese and Hanoians have started to be familiar with it. In Saigon, there are up to 10 reputable craft breweries producing about 30 common kinds of craft beer while just a few brands spring up in Hanoi.

Craft Beer in Saigon

Upon arriving in Saigon to experience city breaks, you never fail to resist a try at craft beer of this bustling metropolis for sure. Platinum is listed in the top recommendations since it is referred to as the first craft brewery here. The most outstanding product of Platinum is believed to be Platinum Pale Ale, recently offered at over 50 outlets. All of its products with various kinds and flavors are all made from 100% natural ingredients.
Having a desire to try craft beer from the other breweries, you can consider Pasteur Street, Biacraft, Fuzzy Logic, Lạc Brewing Company, Tê Tê, Phat Rooster, Three on a Bike, East West Brewing Company, Winking Seal Beer Company, The Belgian Beer Brewery, and Heart of Darkness.

Craft beer in Hanoi


Although the number of craft breweries in Hanoi is smaller than in Saigon, trying craft beer here is indeed special. Roaming around pulsating streets, you find craft beer with flavors not only from imported ingredients, but also from the Vietnamese ones. It is so hard to ignore a Hanoi nightlife experience in which craft beer plays a central role. Keep an eye on where you can taste a type of craft beer suggested here: Bia Hoi Corner, Hoa Vien Brauhaus, Ray Quán, Furbrew, C-Craft Beer Restaurant, Standing Bar, Hằng Vui Craft Beer Restaurant, Hanoi Ale House, Hanoi Social Club, and A Taste of Hanoi Craft Beer Tour.



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