How to bargain in Vietnam

A package tour to Vietnam will bring you a variety of interesting things you should not miss experiencing. Especially, how to bargain in Vietnam may blow your mind at the first time of knowing about it. Some things which are possibly swimming around your mind are how to bargain effectively, when and where to bargain, and reasons for haggling over prices of products in some markets of Vietnam.

How to bargain in Vietnam
How to bargain in Vietnam

The followings will help open your mind:

Why should you bargain?

First of all, in order to maximize profits, some salespeople or vendors will try to deal on their products with foreigners at the high price. Therefore, how to avoid overpaying is that you should wander around plenty of different stores along with haggling over the prices of items you want.

Second, maybe you have not known that bargaining is really a good way to practice your language. It will be fun yet useful as you learn how to count money in VND.

Final, of course you will feel comfortable to buy your favorite thing at the best price, and you deserve it after making your effort to get it without overpaying.

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When and where to bargain?

It’s noticeable that not all prices are negotiable. For instance, you can gain a better deal if ordering any cuisine in a restaurant, using the reputable taxi service with fares counted by the meter, or buying entry tickets. Further, it’s better to understand a rule of thumb indicating that the cost is fixed and can’t be negotiated if the item has a price tag. This kind is found in supermarkets, restaurants, and groceries. Then, the ideal places for haggling are busy markets in Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi capital, or other large cities of Vietnam. Let’s see some hints for how to bargain in Vietnam below:

Binh Tay Market (Thap Moi Street): you can bargain with vendors over the price of anything.

Ben Thanh Market (Le Loi Street): souvenirs are the best.

Saigon Square (Hai Ba Trung Street): this is the place where clothes and accessories in many different styles are sold, so bargaining for them is obvious.

Dan Sinh Market (Yersin Street): it’s perfect for military surplus goods.

How to bargain in Vietnam effectively?

The foremost feature for a bargain is that you must do some research of prices of items you intend to buy in markets. Doing this is quite easy as you have a smartphone with GPS functions, or you can ask some local outside the market; they are willing to answer your questions about prices. Remember the beginning price for an unexpected bargain will be around 10-20% lower than the one availably offered.

Another tip on how to bargain in Vietnam effectively is to use local language and also pay in VND currency, which will let vendors think you have got much experience of buying products in Vietnam and are not easily ripped off.

It’s recommended that you should pretend to dislike the product any more as soon as you know about its price. Immediately walk away and let the vendor see you don’t want to turn around. This is an extremely effective way to obtain the best price you wish as the vendor will call you back and accept your suggested price. However, it’s just ideal if you think the item’s original price has been inflated too much.

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