Some helpful tips for safe taxi rides in Vietnam

To prepare for a Vietnam package tour and make it smooth like you have planned, doing research into the Vietnamese culture, lifestyle, and even warnings is actually essential. Especially, being cheated by counterfeit taxi companies is the first worry of many travellers who have not ever come to Vietnam. Thus, the following tips for safe taxi rides in Vietnam may be useful.

Use the taxi service from reputable companies

Vinasun is one of the best taxi companies in Vietnam
Vinasun is one of the best taxi companies in Vietnam

Of course, scams appear in not only Vietnam, but also many travel destinations in the world. Nevertheless, the leading concern many international travellers should have when coming to visit Vietnam is the rip-off of taxi service. As a result, what they wish to gain is the information about a list of reputable companies specializing in providing the best taxi service for customers. It means that taxi drivers from those companies never ask you to pay for the taxi fee in USD. There are also meters inside the taxicabs, and the drivers should have visible ID and number. Some of the trustworthy taxi brands recommended to you include Mai Linh, Vinasun, and Vinataxi.

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Do research into the clear route to your destination

Before catching a taxicab, you are advisable to do research into directions to your destination in order to avoid the bad case in which you are taken to go around and cheated. In addition to tips for safe taxi rides in Vietnam, bring a smartphone with GPS, and you will feel secure as the GPS function helps you realize whether you are being driven in the right way or ripped off.

Take a photo of the driver’s information

Take a photo of the driver’s information is helpful tips for safe taxi rides in Vietnam
Take a photo of the driver’s information is helpful tips for safe taxi rides in Vietnam

Right after getting in the taxicab, you may wish to snap a photo of all information about the driver and the taxi company including his license, phone number, and meter in case you send a complaint to his company later. This is also a good way for you to avoid being cheated from the dishonest driver even though his company is reputable.

Always keep any eye on the meter inside the taxi

First, when you catch the cab as soon as someone has just got out, make sure to close the door and open it again before you enter. Due to that, the meter will be automatically reset and start measuring the new route with flagfall. Remember the flagfall for the taxi service in Vietnam is no more than VND15, 000. The average fee is also about VND15, 000 per km. Furthermore, some fake taxi companies will set dodgy meters inside the cabs, so once you spot any meter running rapidly, immediately require the driver to stop and get out.

Other tips

It’s supposed that your Vietnam package tours will become a nightmare if you don’t get any tip from the experienced travellers. Especially, tips for safe taxi rides in Vietnam are what you are recommended to carefully read before putting the journey in motion. Coming to Vietnam and even using the taxi service from a genuine company, you may wish to carefully check your belongings in order to see if you leave anything inside prior to getting out. Moreover, if seeing any signal of scams related to the meter or contact information, you need to stop the taxi and get out.

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