Khai Long Beach – Attraction in Ca Mau

Khai Long Beach is a stunning winding coastline at Khai Long Hamlet, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District. With the area of 230 hectares and the length of 3,800 meters, the beach, about 18 kilometers from Ca Mau Cape is an ideal escape at weekends. It’s known that Khai Long still remains unspoiled, compared to many other beaches of the S-country.

Khai Long Beach – source: vntrip

Traits of Khai Long Beach

Ca Mau is the place of acidic soil, facilitating the development of mangrove forests, two of which are U Minh Ha and Ca Mau with large areas. Those forests spread over many parts of Ca Mau; this trait helps distinguish Khai Long Beach from lots of different beaches of Vietnam. You not only kick back at the beach, but also explore interesting things of the mangrove forests.

Khai Long Beach lies along South East Asia Sea, whose old name was South China Sea. One special thing is that the only way to reach Khai Long Beach is by boat; it takes you about one hour from Ca Mau City. It’s fantastic that you can gain a great view of the Hon Khoai island’s magnificence and splendor when standing in Khai Long Beach.

Although not all areas of the beach allow you to enjoy a swim, the plain stretch of golden sand with calm water and tiny waves is indeed everything you desire for this excursion. That stretch has contributed to the tourism’s growth in Khai Long.

Khai Long Beach’s charms – source: vntrip

Apart from being labeled as a ravishing beach – a wonderful getaway for those who are fond of peace, Khai Long is also renowned for its spectacular natural phenomenon in which silt has formed the stretch of white soft sand. The tide makes the stretch of sand 50-80 meters long every year.

It’s possible to say that Khai Long Beach is a charm formed by mixing many different elements, comprising a stretch of soft white sand, green forest, and blue sky. It is also an unspoiled beach, so you will get closer to nature when kicking back at this spot.

Khai Long Beach Ecosystem

Aside from swimming, there are other fascinating activities to experience when you come to Khai Long Beach because it’s an area of biodiversity. You can catch shrimps, edible snails, crabs and fish while walking in the beach. It will be an experience of becoming a fisherman when you ride a boat through the mangrove forest for fishing.

Enjoying Charms of Khai Long Beach

One of the most incredible moments for a trip to Khai Long Beach, which is considered as a must-have experience is witnessing sunrise and sunset on the sea. To catch the sunrise moment, you must get up very early in the morning. You never know how fabulous it is to stroll on a surface of soft sand and wait for the sun emerging as a red pearl from water.

How about sunset? When the sun sets, that pearl gradually moves towards the West, shaping an imposing romantic picture among nature before dark covers the sky.

When the tide goes out, there will be fish, shrimps, and edible snails left at the beach. It’s interesting to see this prospect or pick rocks up for catching those sea creatures. What do you think about such an amazing experience?

In the time of full moon when the tide comes in, the beach looks more spacious and phenomenal. Khai Long is indeed isolated and untouched from hands of human. There is no bustling activity in this place.

Camping at Khai Long Beach – source: vntrip

Khai Long is suitable for those who tend to have trips for leisure rather than hustling activities. However, if you have a small group of 5-10 people, camping and enjoying a warm and luscious seafood party is also a good idea.

The lighthouse will be an impressive point with the coming of night.

Relaxing is also special in Khai Long. Just swing on a hammock under a canopy of leaves while savoring coconut water.

What to eat at Khai Long Beach

Seafood at Khai Long Beach – source: dulichfun

Small seafood stalls along paths in Khai Long never fail to satisfy you. There is plenty of seafood to enjoy when you have a trip there, such as steamed shrimps, boiled crabs, sour and sweet soup with fish. Gathering with your friends while tasting those dishes helps enhance your experience during the trip.


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