Ca Mau Floating Market – Where to visit in Mekong Delta

Ca Mau is well known as the southernmost point of Vietnam, so many travelers desire to explore that land and see what is special there. Among things waiting to be uncovered, Ca Mau Floating Market is definitely great enough to be placed in your bucket list. Do you want to know why? Let’s discover now!

Ca Mau Floating Market – source: tourmientay

A glance at Ca Mau Floating Market

If Ca Mau Floating Market is not listed in an itinerary to Ca Mau, this is indeed a regettable thing. A floating market may be found in most provinces of the Mekong Delta, and each bears its distinctive characteristics. And Ca Mau also owns Ca Mau Floating Market, you should not miss for a trip to this wet area.

Ca Mau Floating Market is situated at the end of the Ganh Hao river, where there are plenty of boats trading a diversity of goods and agricultural products. This is a colorful and eye-catching picture you never lose out when you explore Ca Mau – the southernmost point of Vietnam.

Where is Ca Mau Floating Market

Another corner of Ca Mau Floating Market – source: tourmientay

Ca Mau Floating Market is situated at the end of the Ganh Hao river, about 200 meters from Ganh Hao Bridge, and at Ward 8, Ca Mau City. Unlike other floating markets of the Mekong Delta, Ca Mau Floating Market is fairly hustling. There are up to hundreds of small and big boats coming to exchange their products. Nobody knows when this market was established, but it has become a fascinating characteristic in the culture of locals in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.

How to get to Ca Mau Floating Market from Ho Chi Minh City

By air

From Ho Chi Minh City, you fly to Ca Mau Airport. Then, take a taxi/motorbike taxi to the floating market.

By coach

Take a coach at Mien Dong Bus Station, Mien Tay Bus Station, or An Suong Bus Station, and it will drive you to Ca Mau. Afterwards, catch a motorbike taxi/taxi to the floating market. The coach often departs at 10:00AM, and the fare is about VND190,000 – 220,000/ticket.

By tour

If travel for leisure is what you pursue, a tour from some travel agent in Ho Chi Minh City is undoubtedly a perfect option in terms of how to reach Ca Mau Floating Market. Everything will be well prepared by that travel agent, and the thing you must do is to ask about other destinations included in the tour. Normally, you not only visit Ca Mau Floating for a trip to explore Ca Mau, the Mekong Delta, but also uncover many other exciting features.

What is interesting at Ca Mau Floating Market

The hustling prospect of Ca Mau Floating Market – source: tourmientay

Ca Mau Floating Market is at its busiest in the early morning – about 2:00AM – 3:00AM. A visit to the market at 4:00AM is enough to bring you fantastic experiences. By that time, although the sky is still dark, the high-octane vista is right in front of your eyes. You will be astonished to know that the market largely contributes to the prosperity of the Mekong Delta.

There are also lots of fruits, ranging from guavas, coconuts, melons, papayas, mangos, rambutans, and pineapples. Additionally, at the floating market, you can find sleep mats – an iconic thing of Ca Mau.

It will be an exciting experience when you leisurely cruise through waterways to observe floating stalls and buy what you want. Many people prefer getting something as a gift for their families and friends. It’s always worth enabling you to understand about the locals’ daily life by a visit to the market.

What to eat at Ca Mau Floating Market

Fruit is in the list of top things to eat at Ca Mau Floating Market. A great way to enjoy fruit is to ask the vendor to clean and cut it right on the boat. While witnessing the hustling prospect of the market, you can taste delicious fruit and other specialties.

Apart from fruit, Ca Mau Floating Market is also a big provider of many other items and products, such as vegetables, food, goods, etc. Never lose out on a chance to enjoy special dishes reflecting distinctive cuisine of the Mekong Delta. Those dishes are served right on boats; some vendors will ride their boat through yours and ask you if you would like to have anything.

Peace from a mix of warm sunshine, breeze, river, and gardens near the floating market is the thing everyone can easily feel when coming to this destination. And if you perceive such atmosphere while having something attractive to eat, there is nothing greater than that.


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