Travel Guide to Bang Lang Stork Garden in Can Tho

Can Tho is renowned for beautiful rustic landscapes of vast green paddy fields stretching up to the horizon, sweet folk songs, and flocks of storks at Bang Lang Garden, seemingly painting blue sky with their white color. It can’t be denied that Bang Lang Stork Garden is where to witness the most ravishing picture of nature with storks in the Mekong Delta.

A guide to Bang Lang Stork Garden may be useful for you if you are planning to explore Can Tho, the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Everything you need to know may be best time to visit Bang Lang Stork Garden, how to get there, what to eat, what is interesting there, some relations between the garden of storks and the local culture, and handy tips before you go.

Travel Guide to Bang Lang Stork Garden in Can Tho

Best time to visit Bang Lang Stork Garden

Bang Lang with advantageous conditions is considered as the perfect habitat of numerous species of birds, including storks. The season of reproduction is the best time to see the most pulsating scene of the garden. The birds flock there, flying from tree to tree and nesting. It’s about from the 8th lunar month to the 1st lunar month of year.

As hard-working guys, the storks at Bang Lang Garden often leave their home to feed very early in the morning and come back in the late afternoon. If you don’t want to miss out the most busiest moment among the wildlife, keep in mind that you must come to witness the storks at either sunrise or sunset. Many nature lovers describe this scenery as a rousing song in the setting of a tranquil stork garden. Sit back, see the storks flying, unwind at the garden, and you can bring back new fascinating experiences.

How to Get to Bang Lang Stork Garden

Just 60 kilometers from Can Tho City, Bang Lang Stork Garden is indeed an ideal destination for a Can Tho trip. First of all, you must come to Can Tho City from Ho Chi Minh City by air, bus, or motorbike. As for the ways to reach Can Tho City from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho Travel Guide can help. Upon arrival in Can Tho City, travel along National Route 91, pass by O Mon, Thot Not to Bang Lang Stork Garden.

You will cross Bang Lang Bridge to a small path. It’s ok to walk along this path or go by motorbike to the garden. In spring, it’s a chance to explore the garden’s charms by boat, especially at two sides of purple crape-myrtle, clearly a poetic picture among nature. Just kick back with the fresh air and the serene of a wonderful land as such.

If you don’t prefer traveling independently, taking a tour to Can Tho, in which Bang Lang Stork Garden is included is evidently a wise decision. The tour operator will help plan the tour, and you are not only take to the garden, but also come to visit other famous destinations of Can Tho. Importantly, there is no time wasting and you don’t have to spend too much time searching for directions and means of transport to the garden. Currently, travel agents and tour operators in Ho Chi Minh City, especially at the Saigon’s backpacker area are willing to provide you with such a kind of tour.

Regarding entrance fee, it’s quite cheap to enter the garden. It just costs VND20,000 (about USD1). This kind of fee will be accumulated and then utilized for improving and preserving the garden. It’s possible to assert that here is a deserving place to visit since it never costs you too much but gives you valuable experiences.

Magnificent Views of Bang Lang Stork Garden

Bang Lang Stork Garden is the biggest bird sanctuary in the Mekong Delta. A sightseeing tour of Bang Lang offers visitors a feeling of peace and relaxation in their mind. Right from the entrance, there are green bamboos at two sides, shading down onto the path as if they are welcoming you. With the area of about 15ha, the garden is home to a diverse ecosystem. Looking around, you’ll see countless nesting places of storks dotting among the landscape of green tall trees. The moment in which the storks flying to feed or coming back is actually lively and makes the picture of nature more exciting.

Bang Lang Stork Garden at sunrise or sunset is the most beautiful

The habitat of up to 300,000 storks, Bang Lang Stork Garden will astonish any visitor since they come there. With countless species in different outer-appearances, and their singing at the same time, they are making a colorful picture under a lively song.

The magnificent views of Bang Lang Stork Garden are surely when flocks of storks fly to feed at sunrise and they fly back at sunset. It’s with great regret that you ignore this image if you have already visited the garden.

Bang Lang Stork Garden in the Locals’ Culture

Even the people of the Mekong Delta clearly have a special love to Bang Lang Stork Garden. Why? It’s because the image of white storks symbolically represents their lives and personalities. The storks always wake up very early in the morning and flying to feed; the people of the water area realized that the storks are not different from them since they are also hard to earn a living every day. Not only that, but the storks always live in flock for helping together, like the locals’ personalities from the beginning of settling down in the Delta.

The image of storks at Bang Lang Garden represents the locals’ personalities

Because of the above same things, the image of storks often appears in folk songs and proverbs of the people in the water area. In the locals’ thoughts, the storks are always entwined with good things, such as a beautiful look, good traits, and the sacrifice.

What to Eat at Bang Lang Stork Garden

Thot not – palmyra palm is referred to as a specialty of the Mekong Delta, and especially at Bang Lang Stork Garden. Don’t lose out on a try at food from this kind of fruit, such as sweet soup, banh bo, sugar, and drink.

In addition to what to eat for trip to Bang Lang Stork Garden, some common delicacies of Can Tho are also found nearby. You can taste snake-head smoked in straw, pancakes, and pomelo sweet soup.

Some tips for traveling to Bang Lang Stork Garden

Bang Lang is known as a dense garden full of bushes and trees, so it’s better to wear long sleeves and long pants. Suitable shoes covering over your ankles will help avoid insects. Furthermore, insect repellents are an indispensable part in your belongings.

Perhaps, you will penetrate into the garden by boat, so it’s necessary to bring a bottle of water with you as there is no food or drink along your way.

The development of tourism at Bang Lang Stork Garden is supposed to be proper because it contributes to an increasing awareness of protecting the wildlife of birds. Currently, the hunt for birds is more and more serious, which alerts the risk of some birds coming extinct. The local authority is trying to prevent this risk, and your visit is surely a big part in protecting such a beautiful place.


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