Vinh Long Travel Guide – All You Need To Know Before You Go

You will be delighted by the fruit orchards in Vinh Long, where is well-known as the land of rivers and tropical fruits all year round. But you might not know that this place is also the land of ceramics and bricks. 

Coming to Vinh Long, visitors have a chance to enjoy such an amazing landscape created by several old kilns on the banks of the canal. It’s the gateway to the life on the boat and pastoral homestays you hardly find nowhere else! 

Vinh Long at a glance

Vinh Long is a medium-sized town lying along the banks of the Mekong River, around midway between Can Tho and My Tho. The area is crisscrossed with tributaries and canals that flow into the rivers and create its borders. Thus, it’s not surprising that “Vinh Long” can be understood as eternal prosperity. 

Vinh Long within the Mekong Delta
Vinh Long within the Mekong Delta – Source: vnfestivaltour

The province is exactly the base for anyone who comes to visit Cai Be floating market. It’s also popular for its homestays on An Binh where sits straight across the river from Vinh Long. It’s a big pastoral island and a home to over a dozen of homestays you will love to stop by on vacation. 

Greater than that, Vinh Long has set itself as an eco-traveler destination for nature lovers. And due to its proximity to Saigon, the land is always a popular day trip for everyone. 

The best time to visit Vinh Long 

Vinh Long owns two different seasons (dry and rainy). The first one lasts from December to April while the second one lasts from May to November. For its average temperature, it’s around 27°C. So all tours to Vinh Long fit all year round. 

If you travel to this place during the rainy season, it won’t rain very often. But the heavy downpour could happen unexpectedly. It’s not suitable for your water activities in the Mekong River since the water levels are already rising.

Vinh Long from afar
Vinh Long from afar – Source: nguyentuminhtri

Also, from January to March, fewer tourists come to the Mekong Delta region. This rarely offers you a private feel in all tourist sites.

Getting around Vinh Long 

By bus 

The province has two distinct bus stations. Find the old one in the hub but buses here only run to Can Tho at times and Saigon along with other regional places. If moving from Can Tho, your bus generally costs around 50,000 VND and then takes 1.5 hours to arrive in the place. 

By boat 

Take a ferry to ride across to An Binh Island if you like. As a province of the delta, you can choose to travel around your favorite spots by small boats. By doing so, it’s easy to discover the picturesque landscapes and observe the pastoral life around you. 

By motorbike 

No doubt, riding a motorbike is the most common vehicle for you in any city of Vietnam. Getting around Vinh Long would be easier than ever. Feel free to hire a quality motorbike at a price ranging about $5 per day only. Ensure to inquire more details from your hotel receptionist as it comes to motorbike hiring stuff. 

By taxi

Selecting taxi as your transportation to get around Vinh Long is a badass idea for real. In this region, you can trust in some Vietnamese taxi brands: Mai Linh Taxi (0270.3878.878), Phu Binh Minh Taxi (0270 3836 666), and Vinasa Taxi (0270 3 966 666). 

Besides, you can opt to go by taxi to a group of four people since it saves a lot of time and money for you. 

Top things to do in Vinh Long, Vietnam

  • Tickle your taste with fruits in Vinh Long Orchards 

In the Southwest of Vietnam, we all know Vinh Long is renowned for its lush fruit gardens every year. It’s also the reason why making a trip to this land is never regret for people. These orchards truly attract a large number of tourists due to their variety and abundance in every season. 

Inside Vinh Long orchard
Inside Vinh Long orchard – Source: hobienthanhtruc

Also, Vinh Long is the hometown of the famous “buoi Nam Roi” (Nam Roi grapefruit) and “chom chom Binh Hoa Phuoc” (Binh Hoa Phuoc rambutan). 

Anyone who has landed a foot in this place won’t ever forget the tasty flesh of these grapefruit. And you just can’t resist in front of such a lively image of those red bunches of rambutan! I suggest you come here enjoy fruits in the summer, the most favorable time of the year! 

  • Get impressed with the graceful Vinh Long ceramics  

As you know, the ceramics in Vinh Long used to win the award for not just their delicate shapes but also their graceful color. 

These special characteristics make them very different from other crafts for sure. It’s not too hard to know why they are commonly found in domestic homes and even the overseas markets. They include paintings, pots, statues, jars, vases and more. 

A scene of Vinh Long pottery village
A scene of Vinh Long pottery village – Source: vietnamnet

Visiting the village, visitors get to view several phases related to making ceramics. The talented artisans will dig out the clay from the river, classify and mix it with sand. After being kneaded, they’re placed into molds and kilns. Next, the artisans must whittle till they become flawless products.

  • Mingle with local life in Vinh Long market  

From time to time, there’s another interesting way to interact with the locals in Vinh Long: go to the market. 

Local sellers in Vinh Long market
Local sellers in Vinh Long market – Source: holidify

By strolling around here, you will learn how the sellers protect themselves from the sun. They always use umbrellas, conical hats, and coats. Even though it feels hot inside, people still love to greet and invite you to buy things with their big smiles. 

Vinh Long market has a great variety of goods for you to choose from. They range from tropical fruits, vegetables, to souvenirs and street food. If you love to get some amazing items to bring back home, then this is the ideal place! By the way, it also sells the best “nem” in Vinh Long (crab spring rolls).  

  • Roam along the waters of An Binh Islet  

Getting to An Binh Islet, one of the most popular Mekong Delta sites you shouldn’t miss. Here, visitors will roam along the waters, stop by fruit gardens, pick up and taste the local fruits. They’re durian, rambutan, jackfruit, longan…which can be taken as gifts for your friends and family.

Relax on An Binh Islet, Vinh Long
Relax on An Binh Islet, Vinh Long – Source: audrey____m

On the islet, Vinh Sang tourist spot is a must-visit place as well. Being here, you can join many unique and fascinating activities. These comprise riding ostriches on the sand, cycling around the village, and kayaking along the river. 

Greater than that, you can prepare your food by yourself and watch the authentic rural lifestyle in the countryside. And guess what? Such moments are truly worth to make An Binh Islet one of the best Mekong Delta highlights. 

Where to get the best foods in Vinh Long?

  • Hu tieu hoanh thanh (Rice noodle soup with wonton)

Hu Tieu Hong Mai 

Address: No. 98, 1/5 Street, Vinh Long Province 

While “pho” is the hottest dish in Ho Chi Minh City, then “hu tieu” (noodle soup) will be the queen of the Mekong Delta. It’s usually eaten for breakfast here to energize farmers. 

Rice noodle soup with wonton
Rice noodle soup with wonton – Source: nhocechxanh

However, nowadays, “hu tieu is made into various versions yet maintains its unique flavor. The most popular one is “hu tieu hoanh thanh” that will make a strong impression on you. 

  • Lau cua dong (Rice-field crab hotpot)

Lau Cua Dong Banh Xeo Cam Nhung

Address: Phuoc Hau, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province 

Field-crab hotpot of Vinh Long Province
Field-crab hotpot of Vinh Long Province

The hotpot version of Vinh Long is a famous delicacy locals love the most in the summer. Its flavor can help remove the heat, and enchant people to come and try it. For those who are fed up with meat, then this is a good idea to try rice-field crabs instead! The food is not just simple but also delicious and aromatic. 

  • Ca tai tuong chien xu (Fried Giant Gournami)

La Ca Quan 

Address: 249/10B Pham Hung Street, Vinh Long City 

For the first time, the name of the dish would make you feel weird. But I can tell that this dish has created a new look for Vinh Long’s cuisine. To enjoy it, you need to roll the fish and mix spices into a dry pancake before dipping it in the sauce. 

Fried Giant Gournami, a specialty of Vinh Long
Fried Giant Gournami, a specialty of Vinh Long

After tasting it, you’re instantly drawn by its crispy flesh, sweet and sour sauce. It’s all thanks to the nice mixture of such flavors that you just can’t forget.  

  • Sau rieng Ri 6 (Ri 6 durians)

Address: Phuoc Dinh 1, Binh Hoa Phuoc, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province 

For several foreign tourists, eating durians is not an easy task due to their strange smell. But once trying Ri 6 durians, I bet that you will stop thinking like that! Breaking off the outward crust, you can see each segment inside shining bright. Get your appetite ready for tasting! 

How about its name? Well, it’s named Ri6 after the name of mister. Sau Ri, who made it in 1990. This type of durian brings out a bright yellowish shade, like the Musang King durian in Malaysia. 

  • Banh trang nem Cu Lao Luc Si (rice paper wrappers) 

Cu Lao May Eco-Tourist Site 

Address: Phu Xuan, Phu Thanh, Tra On District, Vinh Long Province 

Rice wrappers of Cu Lao Luc Si
Rice wrappers of Cu Lao Luc Si – Source: foody

In Vinh Long, it’s the dish making the regional cuisine more fabulous than anything else. If this is your first time to try it, you’re easily charmed by the wrappers’ soft and flexible texture. We suggest you mix it with carrot, cucumber, pork, and more for a flavorful filing. And never forget to get some as gifts for your friends and family.      


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