Soc Trang Travel Guide – What You Need to Know

For those who are roaming everywhere to search for necessary information for your trip to Soc Trang, the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, a Travel Guide is actually helpful. Then, here’s surely what they should read and know before packing and beginning the trip.

Best time to visit Soc Trang

Not different from other provinces of the Mekong Delta, Soc Trang is also the land of mild climate and pleasant weather, so it’s deemed to be an ideal destination to visit all year round. The climate in Soc Trang is split into two seasons: rainy season from May to October and dry season from November to April. You can hope to find a quite comfortable trip to this province as the average temperature there falls in around 29 degree Celsius, and sometimes there are just several floods and storms.

Soc Trang Travel Guide – What You Need to Know

If you force yourself to choose the best time to go, October of the lunar calendar should be considered. This is due to Ooc-Om-Bok Festival – the 15th day of lunar October. Here is the biggest festival of the Khmer people and the time of entertaining activities, e.g. boat racing and water lamp drop.

How to Get to Soc Trang from Ho Chi Minh City

Most provinces and cities of the Mekong Delta, including Soc Trang are reached from Ho Chi Minh City – the Vietnam’s biggest metropolis. Thus, you won’t get worried about means of transport to Soc Trang if you have already landed in Ho Chi Minh City. Commonly, to get to the destination, people will take a bus at Mien Tay Bus Station – 395 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac, District Binh Tan. Bus fares vary from VND 160,000 to VND 200,000 for one way. It may take you about 4-5 hours to arrive. Either Phuong Trang or Mai Linh is the best suggestion as they offer the excellent quality service.

This travel guide will recommend another choice for the way to Soc Trang; it is by private transfer. A rental motorbike is quite exciting for your trip. Just travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho Bridge, then cross this bridge before turning left. Keep going ahead to Soc Trang.

Where to Stay in Soc Trang

As the hospitality industry in Soc Trang is at a slow pace, you’ll find just few guesthouses and hotels with the average quality. This illustrates that Soc Trang still keeps something rural and rustic. That’ why it’s highly recommended that you should make a reservation in advance. We have a list of recommended accommodations below:

Ngoc Thu Hotel: Km 2127 Highway 1A, An Hiep Commune, My Tu District, Soc Trang.

Khanh Hung Hotel Soc Trang: 17 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 3, Soc Trang.

Minh Phuong Hotel: 294 Phu Loi, Ward 2, Soc Trang

My Que Hotel: 278 Phu Loi, Ward 2, Soc Trang

Best Places to See in Soc Trang

Kh’leang Pagoda

Kh’leang Pagoda – Soc Trang Travel Guide – What You Need to Know

In this travel guide to Soc Trang, the first best place to visit is Kh’leang Pagoda. Situated at 71 Mau Than Street, Hamlet 5, Ward 6, Kh’leang Pagoda is locally known as the oldest religious site in Soc Trang. It dates back around 500 years and is viewed as the venue of many culture festivals of the Khmer community. Inside the pagoda is where to find priceless Buddhist teachings. One exciting thing behind the place is that it used to be built from wood, leaves, and bamboos. Afterwards, thanks to contributions of the people around, it’s been rebuilt and refurbished as you see today.

Bat Pagoda

Bat Pagoda – Soc Trang Travel Guide – What You Need to Know

Located at 73A Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 3, Soc Trang City, Bat Pagoda is deemed to be the symbol of the Khmer architecture. Erected in the 16th century, the pagoda is an ancient religious site, and it has been preserves nearly intact. Surely you can guess why the place is called Bat Pagoda. Yes, there are countless bats living and nesting in the backyard; they feed on fruits at night and sleep in daylight, so you can see them hanging on trees when visiting Bat Pagoda.

Khmer Museum

There is no doubt at all that a visit to Khmer Museum is a must-have part in your itinerary to Soc Trang as well as this travel guide since it’s where to obtain understanding of characteristics in the culture of the Khmer ethnicity. This museum lies in Ward 6, Soc Trang Town, Soc Trang Province and is in the typical architecture of the Khmer pagoda. More compellingly, what to see inside this building is a series of artifacts which represent the spiritual life as well as the daily life of the Khmer community. Also, there are some interesting exhibits, e.g. musical instruments and costumes of the Khmer people. For those who love values in the local culture, Khmer Museum is clearly a perfect choice to visit.

Tan Long Stork Garden

That Soc Trang is endowed with excellent climate and wonderful nature is the reason for the strong growth of various species of flora and fauna. And Tan Long Stork Garden of this province is allegedly home to rare species of stork. Tan Long Stork Garden is situated in Long Binh Commune, Nga Nam District. A visit to the garden entitles you to absorb the tranquility of the countryside as if you’re entering the wildlife and living with the storks. The best time to get a great view of white flocks of storks is at sunrise or sunset when they fly to feed or fly back.

Nga Nam Floating Market

Nga Nam Floating Market – Soc Trang Travel Guide – What You Need to Know

Nga Nam is not the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta, but it deserves a visit. In other words, your trip to Soc Trang won’t be complete if Nga Nam Floating Market is missed out. What makes it special and draw many visitors is that it is the convergent point of five rivers, comprising Ca Mau, Phung Hien, Vinh Quoi, Thanh Tri, and Long My). The best way to witness the most hustling prospect of the market is to come there early in the morning. You can find lots of things, such as vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, etc.

Ho Be Eco-tourism Site

Ho Be Eco-tourism Site is a quite famous destination in Soc Trang and located in Nam Song Hau, Vinh Chau. The most convincing reason for a visit to Ho Be is that it’s adjacent to the sea, indeed awesome to kick back and soak up the pleasant atmosphere. In fact, there is a long unspoiled stretch of white sand and the sea water is very clean, enough to offer you a relaxing day. If you’re a gourmet and a seafood-lover, Ho Be never fails to make you happy. Ask the locals anything you need since they’re quite helpful.

Where to eat in Soc Trang

Like other areas in the Mekong Delta, Soc Trang also possesses delicacies which will melt hearts of any visitor. Food in Soc Trang is quite diverse and easy to eat, so you don’t have to worry about what to eat there. Some names you should remember before starting your trip to Soc Trang are fish porridge, vermicelli salad, fermented fish hotpot, grilled pork sausages, and seafood cooked in different ways. You can take some suggested restaurants into consideration before deciding where to eat in this province.

Fermented fish hotpot – Soc Trang Travel Guide – What You Need to Know

Fish Porridge Stall

Address: the intersection of Tran Hung Dao Street and Phu Loi Street, Soc Trang City

Price: VND 5,000/small bowl of porridge

Co Cung Restaurant – specializing in vermicelli salad

Address: Pham Ngu Lao Street, Soc Trang City. It’s in proximity to Minh Nguyet Cu Si Lam Pagoda

Price: from VND 5,000

Cay Dua Restaurant – specializing in fermented fish hotpot

Address: 101B Hung Vuong Street, Soc Trang City

Tel: 0793 821 182

Cay Mai Restaurant

Address: 209 Mac Dinh Chi Street, Ward 4, Soc Trang City

Tel: 0793 828 888

Bay Ganh Restaurant

Address: 22 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 3, Soc Trang City

Hung Restaurant

Address: Alley 24, Hung Vuong Street, Ward 6, Soc Trang City

Tel: 0793 825 999


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