Breathtaking Cambodia

Who knows how many times you read and watch televisions shows about Cambodia, but have you ever considered the option to visit this amazing country? There are places in the world that you simply must visit, and Cambodia definitely is one of those places. It is located between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. People from all over the world realized how thrilling this destination is which why TNK Travel is offering tour packages in Cambodia suitable for any budget. Cambodia is not some expensive country, just the opposite, which is why cheap tour packages in Cambodia are very popular. If you want to have vacation from your dreams, then you definitely must choose your package and prepare yourself for one of the best experiences in your life.

Friendly Khmer People

One of the reasons why you will so enjoy in Cambodia is because Khmer people are so wonderful. In the past, Cambodia was under the Khmer Rouge Regime, also known as Pol Pot regime that practically ruined the country. So many people have died, and scars are still very visible. There are places such as Killing Fields you can visit, to pay your respect to fallen victims of those horrific crimes. Cambodia went through so much, but you will be fascinated with the fact how nice and gentle people are. Because of everything that happened, they did not choose to be mean or weak. They choose to be strong, friendly and humble. When you see their smiling faces, you will see the hope in their eyes, and that is something you won’t ever forget. Their salaries are very small, and most of the people are poor, but still, they are happy with what they have. That is why you can learn so much from them. They are simply wonderful people you will definitely love so much.

Fascinating temples

Cambodia has very long history and rich heritage. There are some places you simply must visit. You probably have seen Angkor Wat on the photos many times before. However, once you see the city of temples in person, you will be thrilled with its massiveness. The whole complex is very mystic, and if you want to see everything, you will need a couple of days. TNK travel is offering Angkor trekking tour. There are temples and places you should not miss, such as:

  • – Angkor Archeological Park
  • – The SrahSrang
  • – The Baphoun Temple
  • – Bayon, etc.

Various activities and adventures

Cambodia is the country in which you can do so many different things. There is simply no chance to feel bored. There are some amazing things you can do. You can ride an elephant, or you can play golf all day long, because Cambodia has courses built on international standards. You can take wild-life tours and watch birds, animals and other rare species you won’t have the chance to see anywhere else in the world. For cycling lovers, there are some great tours such as Siem Reap cycling tour. That is your chance to visit this vivid tourist city, to shop and to bargain. If you love snorkeling or diving, Cambodia is a great place for those activities. For fans or rivers and cruises, there are Cambodia river cruises tours. Nightlife in Cambodia is very rich and lively. During the day, if you feel like you are exhausted from all those adventures, you can relax on the beach, enjoying your view. It is something you cannot miss. It is ideal place for couples, newlyweds, families and groups of friends. There are so many activities and adventures, and every person will find something interesting to do.

Astonishing Khmer food

Khmer people will prepare their food for you. In case you are a food lover, you will see why so many people all around the world are so thrilled by it. Every meal is so delicious. There are some exotic things you may want to try. If you are not too into exotic meals, you will enjoy in seafood prepared in the best possible way. Khmer food is one of the reasons you will enjoy in Cambodia so much. Every dish will be perfect.

Splendid nature

Every experience in Cambodia will be simply wonderful because the nature is so amazing. Wherever you look, something will fascinate you. White-sand beaches are like the ones you have dreamed about for years. There are jungle areas that are breathtaking, and huge rice fields. It is such a beautiful land, and it is no wonder at all why millions of tourist come to visit every year. During the Pol Pot regime, this wonderful country was closed for all the people who wanted to visit. Fortunately, times have changed, and Cambodia is complexly new country know. It is a land full of optimism and smiles, country you will definitely never forget.



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