Experiencing Cambodia in different ways


With so many attractions, Cambodia is one of the most stunning world destinations that one can end up in. there are lots of ways in which you can be able to experience the area and it is always a delight to discover more things and get an experience better than you may have anticipated. At TNK travel, we are dedicated to create such an experience that will linger in your mind for a life time. This is not hard to achieve especially with the great team and amazing landscapes, deep culture as well as great sites to work with

Cycling tours in Angkor

There are many packages that we offer. These packages are able to cover the lands greatest delight and one can be able to select a package that will work well with them with respect to:

  • Timing
  • Interests
  • Budget

Cycling is a physically demanding activity and it is a great workout. It is also the ideal way in which one can be bale to get up close and personal with the area. Angkor cycling tour covers a 6 day period and the layout is well laid out. Angkor and the areas surrounding are stunning and what better way to explore than with a bike. The countryside at Siem Reap is truly spectacular. There are relics to explore as well as some of the most amazing sculptures. There are lots to see and do here.

Wonders of Angkor Wat 1

Full day trips

The reason why you should choose to plan with TNK travel is the fact that we have so many options open for you. There is no limit to the things you can be able type experience with us. Siem Reap full day trip is an ideal choice to many people and the areas covered are just amazing. With our experienced tour guides, the experience cannot get any better. The amazing Angkor is not to be missed. There are many monuments in the area and the Angkor Wat is yet another wonder to behold. We cover all the best areas making it a day to remember.

Siem Reap Angkor

The full day trip offers you a chance to learn a thing or two about the past of this area. There are temples and a whole load of historic sites to behold.

Amazing river cruises

With our determination to offer you only the best, we make sure that we’ve got all areas covered. Cambodia river cruises are well known and there is a reason why this is the case. It is a whole new way of experiencing the area than never before. There are luxury means that one can actually take advantage of. There are various areas that are covered by our cruises and you can be able to make a selection as per your requirement. Cruises are a great way to same different destinations including other countries such as Vietnam. The Mekong River is one of the most outstanding contributors to this great package.

Cruises on River Mekong

Mekong stands out as one of the most notable rivers in Cambodia. It is one of the rivers where many tourists opt to have cruises and TNK travel is one of the best agencies that can create a tour experience that is totally awesome.

Mekong river cruises Cambodia to Vietnam are just amazing. They usually take 6 days and 5 nights. These tours allow a person to sample Vietnam as well as Cambodia at the same time. Phnom Penh serves as our starting point. It is a luxury way to experience the two countries. There are several stops made on the way including at the island called Koh Dek Tchou. At the island, you can be able to meet the locals and interact with them.  Delicious meals are a must during the voyage. Usually, a library is available for people who want to deepen their knowledge during the cruise. Other places to see include Cham village, Chau doc, HCM city, Long Xuyen as well as the floating markets.

More options for river cruises

Mekong River plays a significant role in many of our river cruises. Mekong river cruises Cambodia to Laos is yet another of our amazing cruises that are on the offing. This is a tour designed to last 9 days. Here you will be able to see the difference between Cambodia and Laos. The tour is designed in such a way that all the bets sights in the two countries are showcased well. Places to visit include:

  • Phnom city
  • Kampong Cham
  • Kratie
  • Veun Kham
  • Khon island
  • Champasak
  • Vientiane

In all this places, there is so much to see which includes temples, shrines, villages, monuments, historic sites and so many more spectacular scenes that will leave you dazed. TNK is you travel company of choice and our determination is to leave you fulfilled and truly dazed. With our experienced tour guides, expect nothing less.


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