Close your eyes and imagine paradise. How do you picture it? Is it a distant island, where golden sun shines every day, surrounded with crystal blue waters? Can you feel lush white sand under your feet? Surround your paradise with relaxing smell of tropical rain forest, and we can tell you that you are thinking of Song Sa, private island in the center of Cambodia, in KohRong archipelago. This majestic Cambodia adventure tour is just another Cambodian experience you can enjoy with “TNK TRAVEL” agency. Continue reading to discover more!

If you choose a visit to Song Sa, you will experience majestic sunsets and sunrises from wherever you want. Resorts are planned in such a way to enable open showers, pools and terraces very close to beach, but completely private and secluded. Amazing, right?

There is a lot of exotic food, beaches are divine, and there are numerous options for adventures that will make your holidays unforgettable.


If you are a hedonist, then take advantage of a cambodia package tour  and head for the Cambodian spa and wellness center, take a walk in untouched nature, breath in every luscious divine detail and you will see that all your worries will simply disappear in Cambodia! If you are an adventurous person, choose one of hidden cambodia adventure tours and dive with local marine biologists while visiting local fishermen villages. You will totally blend in this picturesque surroundings and will never regret going for it.


Private resort will enable you to fully dive into pleasure. You will simply lay down on one of pristine white beds, sip on cocktail and think what will be on a menu for dinner.

Cool trick

It is interesting thing that people from Cambodia greet tourists very friendly and warmly, they always shake hands, and you will get an extra credit if you greet them with clasping your palms as while praying, with a small bow forward.

Experience Cambodia to the fullest by visiting it during winter season, because humidity is lowest then.

Modern Cambodia is an ancestor of powerful Khmer Empire that existed in this area since 9th till 15th century. Center of the empire was ancient city of Angkor and temple Angkor Vat that represents Cambodia today and is its main tourist attraction. Angkor Vat is spectacular fusion of symbolism, symmetry and spirituality, and by its size and height is the most majestic tempe in south-east Asia.


First sight of spectacular Angkor Vat, ultimate expression of Khmer genius is simply stunning and can be compared to just few equally formidable destinations, such as Petra or Machu Picchu.

Greatest rise Cambodia has along with mother of all temples Angkor Vat, while on the other side, it touches deepest bottom with Red Khmers and their destructive machinery. This is most intriguing point of this amazing country that has history at the same time inspiring and heavy, one that is intoxicating cocktail of sights looking to be discovered.

If you go for one of cambodiamekong cruises, you will experience rhythm of rural way of life on floating river villages. You will see snakes, crocodiles and piranhas and feel true taste of this country. If you choose Siem Reap cycling tour,you will get the feel of traditional communities and see never-ending sceneries of bright rice and sugarcane fields.

Phnom Penh is Cambodian capital laying on rivers Mekong, Tonle Sap and Basak. It has colorful river banks where young people gather every evening and dance, inviting tourists to join them. Tourists who just want to enjoy watching, can get a local beer and complete the local experience.

Local Cuisine

Food in Cambodia is very versatile. You can sense Chinese and Thai influence. Noodles and rice are base for variety of dishes, and locals prepare them in many different ways. Soups are very important for every meal. One of characteristics of Cambodian cuisine is very often preparation of fish (both sea and river fish) in variety of ways (fried, grilled, cooked). Cambodians always add lot of fresh vegetables and fruit to meals and put an emphasis to serve the food in an elegant way. Cambodian food is often spicy, but you can request for a milder option. Tasting local food is definitely one of the best ways to experience Cambodia.

When it comes to beverages, you can always try fresh juices. Tea is national drink people drink on every corner. Beer and alcohol is also available, as well as sodas.

When it comes to water, it is recommended to stick to bottled water.

Generally useful info

Although Cambodia is safe country these days, it is still recommended that you keep your values close to you, especially money and documents.

When it comes to clothing, it is generally recommended to wear light clothes because of country’s tropical climate. When visiting temples, you have to cover your shoulders and knees to show respect. You should always wear hat to protect yourself from the sun and heat. Read more: Cambodia Tours

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