Cambodia river cruise!

Experience the beautiful Cambodia with river cruise! Cambodia river cruises offers you the cruise of lifetime. Contact TNK Travel for more detail on river cruise.

–          Day Trip for Tonle Sap cruise

The day trip cruising tour stars from Siem Reap. From here, you will be led toand witness incredible views and the friendly local people who learn English on the regular basis.Siem Reap Angkor

 Then, you will be taken to Floating Village of Chong Kneas and cruising through Tonle Sap Lake. From here, the cruise will continue to Cambodian village and interact with the locals. Kampong Phluk is the next destination – this particular area has the beauty to be captured. There are monks who reside in this place and you will be able to find out their lifestyle and daily habit by drinking tea with them in the morning and blend in the traditional culture. Enjoy fantastic views from the very heart of the city!

 –          Cambodia Mekong cruises

Mekong is the river you have to witness with your own eyes. The beauty must be seen from a closer place.

When you opt for agency like Ink travel, you can have 4 days efficient tour trip cruising the country. You can discover two countries in a row from Cambodia to Vietnam. The fantastic holiday starts from Phnom Penh where you can view the Wat Phnom Temple and silver Pagoda closely before you go to National Museum. This museum is home to historical evidences of the great Cambodia and Khmer Kingdom. You will be taken to Ek Killing fields and take the express field to Chao Doc. You will see the Khmer river along the way.

 After awhile, you will arrive at a place where you can take Le cochinchine boat and explore Can Tho. The floating market is an interesting area where you can go onboard and witness the spectacular view along the way. Get to know the villagers and make some new friends a you stop by with the cruise before you finally arrive at Ho Chi Minh city.

 –          Cambodia island cruises

Island cruise is one of the most favourite cruise. To get a fast trip around Cambodia, you can choose to have the cruise on your schedule and stop by at points chosen by the itinerary.

The island cruise will take you to travel the island of Cambodia. It can be a day trip or 3 days holiday depending on the itinerary you deal with Ink travel. As part of the Cambodia river cruise siem reap you can watch Mekong river literally on top of it as it cruises across the city and you are in between.


–          Private cruise

Private cruise is one of the best and the most wanted choice for travellers who want to witness Cambodia from a different angle. The private cruise really helps you to get to know the natural beauty of the country by sailing across the sea, Mekong river and find your way to explore another destination. With just a few bucks, you can enjoy the view from your private deck while the ship sails relentlessly and quietly dividing the sea!

The private tour stars from Cambodia cruising to Vietnam. The boat express will be at Phnom Penh and you will be taken cruising the Mekong river. Of course, the sightseeing does not stop there, it is the right time to capture the moments. The incredible panorama from the cruise will help you get the best spot of sunshine as you sail across the sea to Vietnam privately with your loved ones.

The journey will stop by Vietnam borderline named Chau Doc and you can visit caved Pagoda at Sam Mountain. You can go down from your splendid cruise and take sampan to enjoy Bassac River from closer place. It is safe to ride small boat on this river as this is Mekong Delta. You will see lots of local activities on the river banks. The floating market is almost like Thailand’s but of course with a different taste.

Then from here, you can make your way to Saigon and enjoy different scenery but not a limited beauty. Observe the panorama right from the deck of your boat without hassle because this is your private cruise! Don’t forget to taste the local cuisine onboard that is surely pleasing. Enjoy numerous canal sightseeings as the boat continues its trip to Saigon.

There are still many other tour types that you can enjoy with Ink travel. Cambodia island cruise is the perfect way to start if you want to explore the country in a different point of view. But don’t let the option limits your holiday trip. You can call reliable agency and find out if they have something in store that’s perfectly for your trip.

Source: TNK Travel


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