Cambodia Muslim Tour highlight

As a south East Asian country, Cambodia offers exoticism for anyone who visits. The beauty of ruins and histories are rich and famous. Cambodia’s natural beauty is for everyone.

For Muslims, it is not difficult to find halal tour in Cambodia. You may need special treatment or preferences according to the rules of Muslim – which is completely acceptable. There are various Majestic cambodia adventure tour that you can join with your group of people. The Cambodia Muslim tour often highlights the grandeur of places in the country especially for the Muslim.

–           Cambodia’s capital: Phnom Penh

This is the first place where you get to know about Cambodia. As the busiest city in the country, it is also a place where tourists and locals blend in. The sightseeing from this point is varied according to your destination. You can go for trekking or cruising and it all starts from Phnom Penh. One of the mostly highlighted place is the Royal Palace.

–          Royal Palace: the king’s palace

Situated at the heart of Phnom Penh city, Royal Palace was built by the Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk in 1866. As his official residence, this has become a national museum where everyone from around the globe can enter. The public place offers magnificent architecture in each space. The coronation hall and the entrance are refreshing with open air theatre. You can also view the king’s private place where he entertained himself by watching movies and dances. The king also owned some of the artwork that he was passionate about. He collected them from around the world when he was on duty.

The fascinating facade has been stunningly built for decades ago but it does not lose its majestic touch. Outside the walls, there is white elephant that the public will be able to see during royal occasion such as births and deaths.

–          Silver Pagoda – inside the king palace

Still, it is located inside the Royal Palace. The Silver Pagoda is a fascinating temple with gleaming silver as the outer ornament. The baccarat crystal is extraordinary since there is life sized Buddha statue set along with the diamonds that cover the surface. It is estimated to have 2800 diamonds!

–          The National Museum

The national museum is one of the mostly visited places for tourists. There are khmer sculptures, Angkor ruins, artifacts, and others that the French has lfet behind. Since the earliest 4th century until the 1800 era, The National Museum collects venues for every historical stories in Cambodia. It is a complex that houses public places such as markets, stalls and more.

You can visit the museum as it is open daily. If you are from French, the Cambodian guides are able to speak your language. You can buy pamphlet if you wish to wander around in the courtyards by yourself. The magnificent work offers the plenty of arts and crafts that you will be amazed.

–          Angkor Wat – world heritage

Angkor Wat is one of UNESCO’s cultural heritage in the World. The luxury of surpassing the area and watch how impressive the building is. It is bigger than the Pyramids and of course, it is totally different from Taj Mahal. You can enter Angkor WAt from the west gate and the preservation of Cambodia government must truly be appreciated because it is a clean and grandeur history that was built from the 12th century. Standing tall at 213 meters, Angkor Wat is the highlight of Cambodia despite all other

–          The Halal cuisine

Food is something that every muslim concerns about as they travel to a new place. It is important to find a good travel agent that will guide you through local cuisine that is halal. The food in Cambodia is one of a kind. It is rich in spice and made with love from the local people. There are various restaurants that serve halal cuisine in Cambodia. You don’t have to worry if you can have your delicious dinner but still at halal state. You can contact your travel agent to provide you only with the halal food that you wish to have while you have your trip in the city.


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