Choose Tour Packages in Cambodia to Enjoy this Beautiful Country

Short Presentation of Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that was once known as the Khmer Empire and is located in the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula, in Southeast Asia. Cambodia is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, Thailand to the northwest, Vietnam to the east and Laos to the northeast. The official religion in this country is Theravada Buddhism and it is practiced by about 95 per cent of the population. The capital city, which is also the largest city, is Phnom Penh. In the past, Angkor Wat was built as a monumental temple, which is now used as a World Heritage Site. Cambodia is also a country rich in culture, where a variety of factors contribute to the culture of this country, such as:

– Theravada Buddhism

– Hinduism

– Angkorian culture

– French colonialism

– Modern globalization

Cambodia’s culture is determined by the Khmer culture, which presents distinctive styles in matter of sculpture, architecture and dance. One of the most representative architectural sites for the Khmer culture is Angkor Wat. As in what regards the cuisine of Cambodia, it is especially centered around soups, noodles and tropical fruits, with the ingredients that are specific to this country:

– Lemon grass

– Kaffir lime

– Fish sauce

– Oyster sauce

– Soy sauce

– Garlic

– Curry

– Ginger

– Tamarind

– Black pepper

– Coconut milk

Main Attractions in Cambodia

Cambodia is a wonderful country, with rich culture, which can be admired especially through the main attractions that you can visit. If you wish to explore some of the attractions that you can find in Cambodia, then TNK Travel is ready to offer you a Cambodia package tour 2014 that suits your preferences in matter of attractions to visit. Some of the most popular attractions in Cambodia are:

– Phnom Penh city, which contains important attractions, such as: the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Khmer Arts, the Silver Pagoda, Wat Phnom, the Killing Fields, TuolSleng Museum, the Russian Market

– Tonle Sap River

– Siem Reap

– Angkor Wat

– Phnom Kulen National Park

Exploring Cambodia by tours

You will find a variety of tour packages in Cambodia, from which you can choose the one that you consider most suitable for you. For example, if you want to enjoy a more adventurous time in this country, then you are recommended to book some adventure tours in Cambodia, which you can get from TNK Tours. If you wish to explore the country, you have more tours available, which differ depending on the locations that you will visit, as well as on the number of days and nights you get to spend in the chosen tour. Some of the most common tours that allow you to better enjoy this country include the following:

– Fundamental Cambodia 5 days – which is a tour that will allow you to enjoy some of the most popular locations in Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

– Cambodia Premier Tour 6 days – this tour offers you six days to explore Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Within this tour, you will have more time to explore Angkor Wat, with its main attractions.

– Cambodia Heritages Tour 7 days – this is a tour that allows you to explore all the important attractions of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, where once again, you will spend most of your time.

– Cambodia Explorer 13 days – this is the perfect tour if you wish to have more time to explore the beautiful attractions of Cambodia. You will visit more locations around the country, aside from the ones that are included in the other tours.

Natural Beauties of Cambodia

If you wish to be explore the wonders and the diversity that Cambodia offers, then you are recommended to choose the Natural Showcases of Cambodia, which is a 9 days tour. Within this tour, you can experience the beautiful attractions of this country, while also exploring the Khmer history and the people belonging to this culture. Also within this tour, you have the opportunity to visit the wonderful Sihanouk Ville Beach, which will amaze you with its relaxed lifestyle.

Amazing Experiences in Angkor

If you wish to enjoy Angkor in a more special way, other than the regular tours, you can choose an Angkor trekking tour or Angkor cycling tour. In any of these cases, you are recommended to opt for the Angkor Cycling/Trekking Tour, which offers you six days of exploring this amazing location in an exciting way.


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