Cambodia overview: places to go

Cambodia is situated along the Gulf of Thailand. The country offers plenty of features from highland to river of Mekong. You can have as many local taste from its cuisine and its destination.

–          Siem Reap

Siem Reap

This is a province situated at the north west of Cambodia. As one of the tourist hub, Siem Reap offers many places to go from there. The capital city is also called Siem Reap and it is located on the Tonle Sap Lake shore. As one of the biggest water reservoir in Asia, you will be fascinated by what it has to offer you. This city exists for decades ago since 17th century. It was Khmer kingdom who named it after beating Thai’s army.

The charm of Siem Reap stretches from the river to provincial capital of the city. It is a gateway during the millennium era of Angkor. The artistic and legendary place is filled with archaeological artifacts that dated centuries ago. The visual result combined with a carpet of greeneries ar breathtaking!

–          The Psar Thmei Modernist Central Market

The Psar Thmei Modernist Central Market

The traditional market is at Phnom Penh. You have to visit this place when you stay in the city. As one of the historical places, Psar Thmei Central Market provides you with grand market with artistic style of decoration. As one of the largest market in South East Asia, Psar thmei is filled with collection of beautiful things. This is considered as landmark that worth your time.

Since the French built it in 1937, Psar Thmei offers gold and silver shops, flowers, souvenirs, apparels and many more. It is open daily from 7 to 5 local time. if your destination is cheap shopping and bargaining, then this is the right pace for you. After the early construction, the area was renovated and the entrance is now lavish with many souvenir stores emblazone the spots. You can find almost anything from food to postcards.

 –          The Angkor ruins

As one of the Khmer empire evidence, Angkor ruins offers breathtaking scene. It is one of World heritage that today’s travellers would die to see. The thousand of temples standing next to each other are the proof how magnificent the Cambodian kingdom. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the universe. Even when you are Christian or Muslim, this is a destination to witness how a country respects the religion.

There are numerous temples which resembles Khmer Architecture. The preserved area is massive. Some of these buildings have been restored and it is worth seeing. Several temples are Banteay Srei, Ta Prohm, Bayon and many more. The ruins of Angkor can be easily reached from Phnom Penh. Simply go to Siem Reap city and take taxi or public transportation like bus. Thousands of travellers visit this place each year. Make sure you are one of them!

–          Terrace of Lepper King

Terrace of Lepper King

The Terrace of Leper King is a grandeur architectural during the Jayavarman VII king. The dramatic relief is admired by archaeologist and it is one of the composition that may be dated centuries ago.

The name Leper King was gotten because of the statue of a king in front of the terrace. The statue holds a position in seated with the right knee raised. Many experts consider this as a traditional style from Javanese. However, the statue you see today is only the replica because the real one has been moved to the National Museum.

Who is the man on the statue is still a mystery today. The theory shows that Jayavarman Vii is the man on the statue but since there is no historical fact that supports the clause, no one could actually claim that it is true. Most of the monument of Khmer ruins are temples. It shows how the people respect their religion and worship their god.

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