Top six Chiang mai attractions

You can spend your whole life in this beautiful area. The exploration of the Night Bazaar only needs many days. You will definitely love to explore the cultural heritage of Thailand in this area. The national museum, waterfalls, botanical gardens, lively temples and city heart are some of the main areas that will be liked by you and your family. The chiang mai thailand adventure tours are offered at very affordable cost. You will definitely love to read this post to get exciting information about the deals available. Following are the top places to visit in Chiang Mai.

1. Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang

This temple is full of tourists every day. Millions come and leave every day. The main theme behind the building of this temple is to spread the message of Buddha. The main structure was built by the government heritage department. The historic remains are still alive. You will love the place due to

  • Exciting location
  • Peaceful environment
  • Photographic aspects

2. Wattana Art Gallery

This art gallery provides the artwork for the cultural development. Tourists love to come here and enjoy the locational parameters. You will love to have the great scene of many handmade drawings.

3. Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar

You will love the scene of the night bazaar due to the heavy engagement of the local as well as international tourists. You will love to buy different items from the market. This is the best aspect of the market that the prices are much down compared to normal. That is why, many people love to come in this weekly bazaar.

4. Botanical garden

Botanical garden

You will definitely love to visit the botanical garden. The place is renovated with the different plant and flower species. You will also see trees of very ancient cadre. Plantation of these trees was done hundreds of years back. This garden is best for the morning and evening visits. So plan your visits accordingly.

5. Bua Thong Waterfalls

Bua Thong Waterfalls

You will love the exciting waterfall because this is a very peaceful place. The faunal arrangement make it very suitable place for the families. The place is mainly known for its natural beauty.

6. Royal Park Rajapruek

Royal Park Rajapruek

This royal park was built by a king and it is still standing with full beauty. The park adds a lot of beauty to the local area. The international tourists find it best for walking and jogging. You have to make an entrance permit for the entry.

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