What to Buy from Phu Quoc Island Vacation

What to buy from Phu Quoc island vacation is surely one of which you are thinking about while preparing for a dreamy Vietnam trip. Obviously, there are plenty of things to experience and shop when you arrive in this paradise of beaches, and you will be overwhelmed and confused by those. That is the reason why some following recommendations can help.


Pearl is the best gift if you don’t know what to buy from Phu Quoc island vacation

When it comes to what to buy from Phu Quoc Island vacation, pearls are surely at the top of the list. Why? It is because Phu Quoc is famous for the perfect region for farming pearls, and this producing is based on modern techniques got from Japan and Australia whereby the farmers can reap the rich harvest with the shiniest and most beautiful pearls within a short time period.

As for the process of farming pearls, farmers will choose and nucleate oysters with the age from six to twenty-four months, and then put each group of six units in one cage on the sea bed. After about two years is the time of harvesting the cultured pearls. Especially, during the growing period, the oysters along with the water must frequently be cleaned in order to make sure the pearls are as shiny and beautiful as they can.

Coming to Phu Quoc Island, you will realize one thing that cultured pearls are scattered every shop from the harbor to the airport, and from shops in streets to markets. The pearls are sold in different jewelry forms, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories. Additionally, those products are from both saltwater and fresh water pearls. Be mindful that the prices of the pearl jewelry at the farms are far higher than those at the market, but of course, don’t be seduced by the low prices at the market as they are almost fake goods.

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Sim Wine (Rose Myrtle Wine)

Sim Wine (Rose Myrtle Wine)

Sim Wine is known as a kind of alcohol made from the local fruit called Sim or Rose Myrtle. Regarding the origin of the wine, its recipe comes from ethnic communities inhabiting the central highlands where unique and impressive characteristics in cuisine and lifestyle are easily found. One special thing when you visit the island is that you will easily come across the image in which locals enjoy delicious seafood with this kind of wine.

Be curious about the Rose Myrtle wine’s taste? It is quite similar to the slight sweetness of alcoholic blackcurrant juice. Previously, the Rose Myrtle tree just grew wild in many places of Phu Quoc Island, and people did not care about its economic benefit. However, because it is now discovered that the fruit is the important ingredient for a kind of wine with the tangy taste, so more and more farmers start growing the tree to provide for the wine production. Coming here, you should not only purchase the Myrtle wine at shops in the Duong Dong town and along Long Beach, but also visit the most famed production factory, such as Son Phat Company in Duong To Commune. Depending on the wine brand and quality, a small bottle of wine will cost you about USD5-10.


Handicrafts in Phu Quoc

Duong Dong town is where you can find lots of shops specializing in selling exquisite handicrafts and artworks. Of course, the shops vary in forms and selling policies; while the shops with products primarily from the mainland frequently offer discounts, plenty of others exciting you with unique types of crafts will be quite expensive. For example, some shops along Long Beach are where you can bring back souvenirs looking like eye-catching artworks. Besides, there is also a museum at the back of Cuoinguon Shop at the beach where people display the outstanding array of pottery, old money, sea shells, or animal skeletons.

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