Where to Shop in Hoi An, Vietnam

Are you getting worried about where to shop in Hoi An for your day trip in Hoi An? Perhaps, you don’t know that there are lots of interesting and wonderful things deserving your money when you set foot in this ancient town. Start exploring all of those items and getting some knowledge about addresses of streets in Vietnam!

Chau Thuong and Bach Dang Lantern Streets

Lantern Streets in Hoi An

The most stunning feature of Chau Thuong and Bach Dang Lantern Streets is that those two streets are magically formed to have a bow shape whereby it becomes a colorful miniature ancient world full of ravishing lanterns when the dark covers the sky of Hoi An. It’s truly a fanciful picture on the Earth. This lantern town just lasts in around 100 metres, but the value as well as magnificence is endless.

From the past until now, the image of Hoi An’s lanterns has become a unique cultural product of this ancient town. Although it’s supposed that the lanterns are derived from China, with the inventive mind and clever hands, artists in Hoi An have created various genres of new designs as well as impressive shapes, such as diamonds, rounds, pumpkins, garlic, and so forth. Lounging along the streets, you not only please your eyes with the fabulous scenery illuminated by lit lanterns, but also get some as gifts for yourself or your family and friends. Therefore, keep a look at this spot when you are looking for where to shop in Hoi An.

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The Best Tailors in Hoi An

The Best Tailors in Hoi An

Whenever you want to have the tailored clothes with the reasonable price in Hoi An, you should think of the following streets which are highly recommended by many experienced tourists:

– Yaly Couture has many different branches at different streets: Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tran Phu, Nguyen Duy Hieu, and Cua Dai. It’s widely known as the best tailor always making high-quality items from plenty of fabric in Hoi An, so even though its tailored clothes are a bit expensive, it should be your choice when coming to Hoi An.

-A Dong Silk is famous for its tailors’ high skills and the ability of perfectly satisfying each customer’s request. It’s located at Le Loi.

– The other reputable tailors are Lana at Tran Phu and Le Loi Street, and B’lan Silk at Tran Phu Street.

Art Galleries – Tran Phu Street

Art Galleries in Hoi An

Since Hoi An was designated as a World Heritage Site thanks to its beautiful features in cultural traditions, this spot has drawn more and more tourists regardless of whether they are domestic or international. For this reason, the market for galleries has started to emerge and develop in the ancient town. The town’s beauty has inspired lots of artists to create unique works of art. Especially, going for a stroll along Tran Phu Street, you will find dozens of remarkable art galleries:

– Hay Hay situated at 155 Tran Phu

– Ancient Gallery at 95 Tran Phu

-Wood Art au Lac at 152 Tran Phu

Those galleries are ideal for you to buy elaborate and phenomenal pictures for yourself or as presents for your friends and family.

Traditional Handicraft Workshops – Nguyen Thai Hoc and Phan Chu Trinh Streets

Traditional Handicraft Workshops

You ought not to skip handicraft workshops at Nguyen Thai Hoc and Phan Chu Trinh Streets as you are trying to search for where to shop in Hoi An for your day dip in Hoi An. Those streets are where you can find excellent crafts, ranging from potteries to sculptures. Through each of the sophisticated products, you will get a sense of how clever, creative, and hard the artists are to contribute to the fame for their traditional workshops. Don’t forget to get the one as a souvenir for your journey to explore the Vietnam’s beauty.

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