Ho Chi Minh City Rainy Season Survival Tips

Experiencing a Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) day trip without getting to know about its weather and climate first certainly causes some troubles for you or even gets you shocked so far. Then, here may be the helpful information for you. The climate in Saigon is split into two primary seasons: dry and rainy seasons. While the rainy season is not common for traveling in the city, it is seemingly ideal for those loving new experiences and not minding raindrops. In the case that your Vietnam trip plan falls into the rainy season, the article with Ho Chi Minh city rainy season survival tips can help.

Ho Chi Minh city rainy season survival tips

When is the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh city?

The rainy season in Saigon normally starts from May and lasts until the end of November. The average annual precipitation is around 1,800mm. While you will typically see it raining heavily in the afternoon, there is also a little bit of gentle rain in the morning. Besides, from time to time the blue sky still occurs when it is raining. Be mindful that the extreme tide with severe flood can be a drawback to Saigon day trips in the rainy season.

Ho Chi Minh city rainy season survival tips

  • Always bring an umbrella with you as if you must face raindrops anytime. Even though it is a beautiful morning with the warm sunshine, it is not utterly surprised to come across sudden downpours in the morning. Then, be careful to have the umbrella in your pack.
  • Pack some insect repellent as the rainy season is the breeding time of mosquitoes and bugs. As mosquitoes enhance the potential of quite dangerous diseases, this tip is indeed essential. Better safe than sorry!
  • Pack easy-to-dry and comfortable clothes. Without the sunshine, it is easy to have the clothes damp, so keep an eye on it!
  • Make a plan well in advance for Saigon day trips in the rainy season. While the rain frequently comes in the afternoon, you should manage to have an outdoor sightseeing tour in the morning. It’s better to visit the inside of buildings (e.g. museums, cathedrals, markets, and post offices, and shopping malls).
  • Avoid going out when the streets are flooded because of the torrential rain. If you are unlucky, you can be stuck in the massive gridlocks in which most vehicles can’t move through the water.

Because the rainy season brings travelers some disadvantages like mentioned above, the number of those who come to Saigon for travel is not large by that time. This helps you avoid the crowds at tourist attractions and get special offers.



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