Halong Deluxe Cruises

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Golden Lotus Cruise
per person $170

Golden Lotus Cruise has 3 floors,10 Luxury cabins including a family cabin and Ocean view cabins. Golden Lotus Cruise not only gives you the comfortable but also strange feelings all the time you stay on her. Come and experience ...

Calypso Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $155

The myth of Calypso has been inspirited into the Calypso Cruiser. “Glamour” and “Grandeur” are best to characterize Calypso. The cruiser features 12 luxury cabins, all finely equipped, and exposed to the widest view ...

Halong on Dragon’s Pearl Junk
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Dragon’s Pearl Junk’s designed sophisticatedly between an ancient sail boat and a Halong fish boat style. By our harmony style, decoration and customer service, Dragon ‘s Pearl Junk will give you the best cruise ...

Red Dragon cruise

Red Dragon Junk Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $100

Named and designed after an authentic Chinese junk, the original Red Dragon plied the rivers, seas and harbours of the Far East, from Singapore to northern China. Our Red Dragon is complete with five deluxe cabins and designed ...

Victory Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $116

Inspired from traditional beauty and special classic cruise on Ha Long, Victory Cruise is a symbol of traditional legendary beauty combined polite beauty of Eastern style. This cruise can bring you to amazing journey to discover ...

Huong Hai Junk Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $117

For more than 10 years in serving and hosting international guests on the tranquil waters of the bay, we do set a well-known, leading and stable standard of the best quality service for Ha Long Bay Junks from mid-range to ...

Caravella Cruises Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $253

The Caravella combines traditional style with all the comforts and amenities that you would expect, making it a unique choice for leisure seekers, honeymooners, families and small groups alike. The accessible design seamlessly ...

Paloma Cruise
per person $134

The Paloma is a brand new Chinese wooden junk crewed by a professional, loyal and dedicated team. Spread over 4 decks she has 16 en-suite fully equipped luxury cabins, a bar with soft seating and plasma TV, gourmet restaurant, ...

Pelican Halong cruise

Pelican Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $165

Founded 2011, Pelican Luxury Cruise, branch of Image Halong Cruise LTD offers a pioneering new generation of vessels with both uncompromising quality and safety standards. Our fleet’s outstanding settings will be yours ...

per person $154

Victory Star Cruise recently launched on April 1, 2009, the cruise offers the perfect mix in traditional elegance and modern comfort. Special attention has been paid to the decoration and interior design. It features 32 comfortable ...

There is no reason to lose out on the chance to join Halong deluxe cruises when you are due to explore the northern Vietnam. Halong Bay – the most emerging wonder of Vietnam with various dazzling scenes, ranging from beautiful beaches to bizarre caves will leave the most special feelings in your heart. Also, the sparkling and extraordinary charm has made it a UNESCO world heritage site, so more and more travelers in the world have come here to immerse themselves into this miraculous gift of the nature. How about you? It is arousing your curiosity, isn’t it? Put your discovery in motion now!

Halong deluxe cruises: things to see and do

Get the magnificent view from the deck

How do you feel when the boat slowly takes you through glittering landscapes formed by three factors: rocks, water, and sky? It is magnetic, right? The first most sophisticated feature of the bay is that it is dotted with a huge number of islands (exactly 1,969), and they are named by locals according to their specific shapes or specialties there. Enjoying yourself on the deck, you can let your eyes be satisfied with the picturesque scenery while cruising through some of these karst and schist islands in eye-catching shapes.

Visit glittering grottoes

Obviously, visits to glittering grottoes are indispensible in Halong deluxe cruises as any traveler will be overwhelmed by their inside formations which are supposed to be the irresistible scenic beauty. Some renowned for visiting the most are Surprising Cave, Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, and Luon Cave; however, the most incredible one is surely Surprising Cave, which is in the center of the bay’s tourist attractions. The grotto is separated into two chief chambers; one is depicted as a large theater with stalactites at the ceiling and stones in different shapes, creating a wonderful land which seemingly just exists in human’s imagination, and another is where natural statues are quite similar to charming images of Thanh Giong hero, his iron horse and sword (in a Vietnamese legend). It is fantastic to experience this discovery.

Titov island

In the era of colonialism, Titov Island, lying in the Halong bay’s heart 14 km from Bai Chay beach to the east, was called Cat Nang Island. Nonetheless, since the president Ho Chi Minh took Gherman Titov – a Russian astronaut to this island in 1962, it has been named Titov by the president. Titov Island with a white sandy beach and mountains is an ideal place for water activities like swimming, kayaking, wave surfing, etc.

Lan Ha Bay

With 400 islets and about 139 small beaches, Lan Ha Bay is also one of the hottest spots for your Halong bay deluxe cruises. It is absolutely perfect for having a picnic on beaches or water sports like kayaking and swimming. Besides, if not wishing to stay overnight on board, you can also choose one of the comfortable bungalows like Sandy Beach Resort, Cove Beach bungalow, Monkey Island Resort, or Castaway bungalow.

Vung Vieng fishing village

Positioned in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Village is around 24 km from the mainland. For this visit, you will soak up into the tranquil atmosphere and untouched charm of the floating farm. Not only that, discover the hidden beauty in the cultural lifestyle of local fishermen and learn about the unique art of casting fish nets. For sure, everything in this idyllic village will get you absorbed, from the way the locals keep their cultural charm to the way they treat international visitors; all bring you unforgettable feelings.

Some other interesting activities for Halong deluxe cruises

Kayaking, Taichi, cooking class and catching squids at night are all activities which can enchant you during the cruise. To go kayaking enables you to explore narrow areas of the bay where the big boat can move through; it will be very fascinating, adventurous, and well worth trying. Doing Taichi is supposed to be good exercise, so this is a chance for you to be introduced to it by our master. Additionally, cooking class will help you explore more the Vietnamese cuisine, and it is so cool to catch squids at night.

The best Halong deluxe cruises

Golden Lotus Cruise Halong Bay: there are three floors with ten luxurious cabins. This Halong deluxe cruise will bring you the greatest feeling of exploring the most breathtaking wonder in Vietnam. Staying overnight on board is too fantastic.

Calypso Cruise Halong Bay: all Calypso cabins in the boat are decorated with convenient and comfortable bedding. Especially, the windows are always exposed to get the greatest view of the bay.

Halong on Dragon’s Pearl Junk: Designed elaborately and also be a perfect combination of the traditional ancient sail boat a Halong fish boat style, Halong on Dragon’s Pearl Junk with glittering decorations will offer you the most awesome cruise vacation.

Red Dragon Junk Halong Bay: This original Red Dragon was designed and named after a Chinese junk. There are five luxurious cabins equipped with superior class and grandeur. Although the junk is deluxe, it is still compact enough to get through the natural lagoons, and tiny finishing communities.

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Why should Halong deluxe cruises be chosen?

Halong bay deluxe cruises from TNK Travel are regarded to be fascinating tour programs which should be chosen for your journey in Vietnam. Due to the cruises, you will uncover the hidden magnificence of the bay, from mountains, beaches to caves. The junks are equipped with the modern decoration, bringing guests very comfortable experiences. Not only that, all itineraries about the Halong Bay cruises are exciting enough to leave brilliant memories in their hearts. As for staff, there is nowhere the staff can serve better here. Don’t ignore interesting travel destinations of the bay as well as the most amazing cruise as it deserves to be tried.

Halong Bay – one of the best natural wonder of the world



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