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Huong Hai Sealife Cruise With TNK Travel

Huong Hai Sealife Cruise
2 days / 1 night

per person $145

Newly launched in Feb, 2013, Huong Hai Sealife Cruise with 26 luxury guest rooms at 5 star level is the best choice for travellers to Halong bay with the expectation of high-end facilities, professional services. Moreover, ...

Signature Halong Cruise
2 days / 1 night

per person $231

Signature Halong Cruise is fast becoming one of the most sought after cruising experiences on the Gulf of Tonkin. Being hailed as one of the largest vessels in the area, we also offer some of the largest suites and best facilities. ...

Paradise Halong cruise

Paradise Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $239

Visiting the most famous Vietnamese World Heritage Site with Paradise Cruises is bound to be one of the highlights of your travel itinerary in Vietnam, thanks to the high-quality of our facilities and accommodation and the ...

Violet Cruise in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Violet Cruise
2 days / 1 night

per person $276

Enjoy local day-caught seafood well-cooked in Vietnamese marvelous cuisine in a spacious boutique dining room, inspire yourself with glass of wine admiring the brilliant sunset of the bay or simply relax with gentle pampering ...

Prince Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $195

In legend Ha Long Bay is known as the “Descending Dragon”.  Keeping with this tradition we named our vessels the Prince Junks which means mother dragon’s son. The Prince Junks are built to stringent modern standards ...

Ginger Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $175

Discover the splendors of Halong Bay aboard the Halong Ginger, a wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Measuring 38 meters (125 feet) in length, custom-designed yacht features three decks that house ...

Au Co Cruise Halong Bay

Au Co Cruise Halong Bay
3 days / 2 nights

per person $447

The Au Co ship is setting new standards of safety and luxury in the Gulf of Tonkin and setting herself apart from other Halong Bay Cruises. Her impressive external steel structure belies the innovative and luxurious Oriental ...

per person $115

Designed in the 1910’s Indochina style, the Halong Emotion offers the perfect mix in traditional elegance and modern comfort. Special attention has been paid to the decoration and interior of the junk. It features 28 comfortable ...

Jasmine Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $193

Officially open on 18 December 2007, the newest four star junk named Jasmine Cruise Halong will set the standard for services and amenities on the bay. Fitted out in the 1930′s Indochine style, the Halong Jasmine will feature ...

Indochina Sails Junk
2 days / 1 night

per person $170

Backed by over ten years experience hosting international guests on the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, Indochina Sails has set a new standard for luxury cruising. The first company to offer overnight cruises on the bay, we ...

Why should you go on Halong luxury cruises? Most experienced travelers will recommend you to Halong Bay when you are about to fly to Vietnam, but you definitely wonder how to get the most terrific things from this hotspot. The answer has been said above; a luxurious cruise is supposed to be among the best options. Being a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO, Halong Bay deserves the name “the most magnificent wonder of Vietnam”, including imposing beaches, amazing grottoes, mountains, turquoise water, and fishing villages. At once, get started by searching for something exciting about the bay and relevant cruises!

Halong luxury cruises: things to see and do

Grab the spectacular view of the bay from the deck

There is no doubt that it will bring back a marvelous feeling for travel lovers as the junk will let you dip into the tranquility and splendor of the bay and leisurely perceive its unspoiled hidden charm. Not only that, highlights of the cruise also consist of the discovery of emerging islands and grottoes put in the background of sky, rocks, and water, contributing to the perfection of the wonder. Perhaps, what you will be fond of the most is that the bay is home to a countless number of islands, and their names are based on their natural shapes or some specialties here.

Discover grandiose grottoes

There is no reason to miss grandiose grottoes of the bay in your Halong luxury cruises since you will be astonished to the glorious rock formations inside each of them. What do you think as your eyes are directly pleased with the irresistible scenic charm of rocks in fantastic art shapes? Some you can visit are Luon Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, and Surprising Cave. Certainly, Surprising Cave – the heart of the bay’s tourist attractions is what you are advised to explore first as it is extremely glittering. A small path divides the grotto into two separated chambers; one is similar to a vast theatre full of sparkling stalactites at the ceiling and animal-shaped stone statues, making up a fanciful kingdom just in the human’s imagination, and beyond the path is also a large room echoing back a Vietnamese legend as there are some stones with the shapes of Thanh Giong hero, his iron sword and horse.

Fishing villages (Vung Vieng and Cua Van)

While you have known many traditional fishing villages in the world as coastal fishing villages which stretch along the coast, the unconventional ones at Halong Bay are slightly different. Exactly, they are floating fishing villages moved out onto the water and associated with stilt houses, considered as a prominent characteristic of river people at Halong Bay. The visit to Vung Vieng and Cua Van Villages is so fascinating and meaningful that it will help open your mind to a new cultural feature of the rustic water area you have not probably had any idea about before.

Titov island

Perhaps, many people will wonder why this island carries a foreign name, but everything happens for a reason. In 1962, the president Ho Chi Minh accompanied his foreign friend who was a Russian astronaut, Gherman Titov on the visit to the island, Halong Bay. To mark this trip, the president named the island Titov, so it is nowadays famous to lots of international travelers in the world. A plus point for the area is a stunning beach which is indeed perfect for relaxing or playing water, such as kayaking, swimming, etc.

Lan Ha Bay

While Lan Ha Bay is blessed with 139 small beaches and 400 islets, Halong luxury cruises will direct you through this wonderful land. In fact, the bay with natural advantages like breathtaking beaches and cool turquoise water will delight you by picnics or experiences of water sports. Moreover, for those who adore staying overnight in the land instead of on board, the convenient bungalows are the best choices. Seek for Sandy Beach Resort, Castaway bungalow, Monkey Island Resort, and Cove Beach bungalow.

Cat Ba National Park

Avid hikers will find it difficult to resist a trek in Cat Ba National Park, lying in Cat Ba island if being on Halong luxury cruises. In the 30km proximity of  Hai Phong and spreading in 263 square kilometers, the park is home to a diversity of flora, but although there is just a small number of fauna species, it is still enough to make up a must-visit forest. The other glittering things which are also highlights of the park are lots of mangroves, freshwater lakes, and coral reefs along the coastline.

Yen Duc village

Another stimulating travel spot before going on Halong Bay luxury cruises is Yen Duc Village where the quintessence of cultural traditions has still been preserved. The locals’ life is associated with farming activities and the rice cultivation. That is the reason why travelers always get peaceful and relaxed with the rustic beauty when having an opportunity to arrive here. Among the most remarkable activities of Yen Duc is water puppet show, which signifies the cultural beauty of the Vietnamese countryside in the clearest way. It is well worth trying!

Other things to do for Halong deluxe cruises

Tai Chi under the guidance of the Tai Chi master, cooking class conducted by an expert chef, kayaking and catching squids at night are the other more excellent activities, apart from cruising on the water. How do you feel when rowing a small kayak through narrow waterways to discover deep areas of the bay? It is so cool, right? Have you ever heard about catching squids at night by a rod and line? This cruise will let you experience it. How about cooking class? Obviously, it is an occasion to understand more the Vietnamese cuisine.

The most popular Halong luxury cruises to explore

There is a wide selection of Halong luxury cruises you can consider when planning to explore the beauty of the northern Vietnam. Some recommendations for you are Huong Hai Sealife Cruise, Signature Halong Cruise, Paradise Cruise Halong Bay, Halong Bay Violet Cruise, Prince Cruise Halong Bay, Au Co Cruise Halong Bay, Jasmine Cruise Halong Bay, Indochina Sails Junk, Emeraude Classic Cruise, and Valentine Cruise Halong Bay.

Halong Bay – one of the best natural wonder of the world


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