Halong Superior Cruises

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per person $117

Oriental Sails presents two cruises with 8 and16 deluxe cabins, which are all designed with luxury interior, full amenities and topped up with high quality services. Cruising with Oriental Sails, you will not only enjoy the ...

Bai Tho Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $99

Bai Tho Tourist Transportation Company is one of the pioneers in operating tourist transport on Ha Long Bay from 1991 with a few wooden limited capacity boats and some very simple daily tour programs to visit Ha Long Bay. ...

Halong Phoenix Cruise

Halong Phoenix Cruise
2 days / 1 night

per person $118

Discover the splendors of Halong Bay aboard the Halong Phoenix Cruiser, a wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Designed with Asian traditional junk, luxurious and elegant. From the moment you step ...

White Dolphin Cruise
2 days / 1 night

per person $129

Founded in 2008, White Dolphin Cruises a division of All-Travel in Halong Bay, Vietnam, is a privately held professional cruise management corporation specializing in leisure and high-class cruise planning. We guarantees ...

Glory Cruise Halong Bay
2 days / 1 night

per person $130

Glory Cruises are modern and tastefully designed boats, the boats feature spacious, well-appointed cabins and suites with large en-suite bathrooms, large sundecks with comfortable lounging furniture and elegant dining rooms ...

There is no doubt that Halong superior cruises are indispensable to your exploration of the Vietnam’s dramatic beauty as those programs will offer you the best way to peer into Halong Bay – the Vietnamese people’s pride. While perceiving the irrepressible soul inside the wonder is the cruises’ main part, fascinating activities on board or relevant to playing water will stun you without your expectation. In addition, excursions in islands or grottoes are also highlights the cruises bring back; it is well worth getting full experience of this hotspot.

Halong superior cruises: things to see and do

Submerging into the majestic view of Bai Tu Long Bay

Obviously, lots of people have heard about Halong Bay via media as it was officially recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. Ever wonder how its reputation has been built? Yes, it is true that the bay’s magnificence has convinced more and more visitors in the world; there is no word to illustration this original scenery. Especially, Bai Tu Long Bay is taken into account as an irresistible travel destination as it features spectacular white sand beaches and attractive rocky islets whereby the visitors can obtain the imposing view from the boat.

Uncovering the mythical charm of grottoes

There is a variety of stunning grottoes you are definitely eager to explore when coming to Halong Bay, some of which include Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave), Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave), Luon Cave, Thien Cung Cave (Paradise Cave), Bo Nau Cave (Pelican Cave), and Trong Cave (Male Cave). Stepping inside each of the caves and uncovering their hidden enthralling magnificence will get you absorbed, but what strongly impresses you the most is exactly moving stories behind them. Maybe, those stories will be the unforgettable marks left in your mind after the journey.

Titov island

Titov is a special island easily falling into the memory of any international travel because its name is after a famous Russian astronaut, namely Gherman Titov. Of course, there will be a question swimming around your mind: why does an island in Vietnam own this foreign name? As the saying goes: “everything happens for a reason”, the following story will explain this enquiry. Gherman Totiv made a trip to Vietnam and set foot in Halong Bay in 1962, accompanied by the president Ho Chi Minh in 1962. To celebrate this visit, the island was named Titov by the president, and today it has been more and more renowned for its dramatic charm.

Lan Ha Bay

Located to the south of Ha Long Bay and be in the Cat Ba Island area, Lan Ha is dotted with over 400 islets with romantic beaches. It is indeed the paradise of water activities and beach experiences, such as having a picnic on the beach, sunbathing, kayaking, swimming, and staying overnight at bungalows. Moreover, it will be stimulating to let your imagination fly away while cruising different mounts in special forms: Hon Guoc (it means the mount looking like a wooden shoe), or Hon Doi (it is similar to a bat).

Fishing villages

For Halong superior cruises, visits to fishing villages are utterly amazing to understand more the culture of fishermen in Halong Bay. Different from traditional fishing farms in many areas of the world, the fishing villages in Halong are moved out of the shore and float on the water. There are four well-known fishing villages found in the bay: Vung Vieng, Ba Hang, Cua Van, and Cong Tau. Here, the unique characteristic in the culture is stilt houses, where you can learn how the local fishermen cast their net and prepare for the voyage.


Why should kayaking be a must-try activity when you experience Halong superior cruise? It is simple to get an answer as apart from owning the visual beauty, Halong Bay is also blessed with miraculous hidden areas just explored by small kayaks. There is no way better than rowing the kayak through narrow waters to perpetrate deeply inside the isolated regions of the wonder and please yourself with their splendid landscapes.

Cooking class

People often say that the shortest and most exciting way to absorb the culture of an area is to experience its cuisine. Then, ever wonder if enjoying culinary delights is a wise and only choice for this learning? The answer is that it is just good enough for you to distinguish it from other cuisines through flavors stimulating the top of your tongue, but not enough to interpret and perceive it in a thorough way. Hence, cooking class on board will be where the quintessence of the Vietnamese cuisine will be mastered by your hands. Don’t miss it!

Other activities to do for Halong Superior cruises

Taichi and squid-catching at night are two other outstanding activities you should try when having a Halong superior cruise. Taking Taichi exercise in the early morning is not only absorbing, but also helps stay healthy. Any superior cruise from TNK Travel also offers this exercise conducted by a Taichi master. As for squid-catching at night, you feel weird about this activity first, but it is actually special. Try your luck at the squid fishing for your cruise.

The top Halong superior cruises to enjoy

Having known about the excellence a Halong Bay cruise can offer for your journey to discover the most brilliant wonder in Vietnam, but not chosen any you love the most. Then, keep an eye on suggestions from TNK Travel, such as Oriental Sails Cruise, Bai Tho Cruise Halong Bay, Halong Phoenix Cruise, White Dolphin Cruise, and Glory Cruise Halong Bay. Why should you pick one from them? To be honest, considered as the high-quality cruises to experience Halong Bay, they provide comfortable, well-decorated cabins and well-trained crew. Besides, the boat’s deck is also designed to give passengers the best view of dramatic landscapes while cruising around the bay. Also, a big surprise is that fascinating activities to learn more about the Vietnamese culture, people, and lifestyle are included in the cruise, so you can get access to a new culture while still enjoying the relaxing moments on board.

Halong Bay – one of the best natural wonder of the world


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