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Ba Na Hills
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Enjoy an amazing ride with spectacular views on the world’s longest cable car. See amazing French villas from the past. Enjoy lunch with magnificent views of valleys and mountains. Visit a wine cellar in a villa. Drop by ...

Why is it worth making day trips in Da Nang? When it comes to Da Nang in Vietnam, the majority of Vietnamese people assert that there is nowhere else turning itself in a surprising speed like this city. Undergoing many decades, Da Nang was famed for a provincial backwater, but now it has been in big changes to become a liveable city of Vietnam. While going for a stroll along Han riverfront, you will come across modern and emerging hotels, restaurants, and apartments beside a few traditional sightseeing spots, pleasing yourself so much. Furthermore, what absolutely perfects your trip in Da Nang includes nightlife experiences, stunning beaches with the blue sky and cool water, and spectacular landscapes.

Day trips in Da Nang: Top things to see and do

Son Tra Peninsula

One exciting thing about the peninsula is that during the occupancy of the French in the 19th century, it was named Tien Sa (it means Angel’s landing), and now it becomes the name of a seaport. This 13.5 km mountain was tagged Money Mountain by American soldiers. In 1997, Son Tra was designated as a natural reserve and home to 100 species of fauna as well. Some of these species are rare animals, e.g. the red shanked douc. Until January 1st, 1997, Da Nang has gained independence from another province – Quang Nam Province, and over 4,000 hectares of the territory that helps Da Nang avoid the strong winds and storms from the ocean has been famous as Son Tra.

My Khe Beach

While dozens of beaches in a variety of provinces and cities are being taken into consideration for your Vietnam holiday, My Khe Beach is certainly a wonderful choice for relaxation and energy recovery. Da Nang is blessed with a 30km coastline and famed for fabulous seashores, spreading from the south to the north, like Nam O, Tien Sa, My An, Xuan Thieu, Son Tra, Thanh Binh, My Khe, Non Nuoc, etc. Among these beautiful beaches is My Khe with the length of 900 meters. Positioned around 6km to the east of the center of Da Nang and 24 km to the north of Hoi An ancient town, the beach is emerging as the paradise for those who fancy smooth sand and water activities.

Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son)

Remote from the coastal road to My Khe Beach, Marble Mountains encompass five rough marble outcrops where pagodas are perched. Especially, the name of each of the mountains is after natural elements, including Moc Son (Wood), Thuy Son (Water), Tho Son (Earth), Kim Son (Metal), and Hoa Son (Fire). Taking advantage of the Ngu Hanh Son’ reputation, the villagers at the mountains’ foot aim to develop their marble sculpture as well as offer artworks from marble to visitors.

Ba Na Hill

Situated in Hoa Vang district and 40km from the heart of Da Nang to the southwest, Ba Na Hills is an emerging travel destination that most tourists find it difficult to miss when visiting Da Nang. Over 1,400  meters above the sea level, Ba Na Hills has the cool climate with the average temperature of below 20 degree Celsius all year round. Ever wonder what to do and see in this attraction while you have day trips in Da Nang? There are some recommendations for you: train service for mountaineering, Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden, Debay Wine Cellar, Fantasy Park, Wax Museum, and Mo Stream.

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village

Besides stunning and miraculous seascapes, Da Nang is also famed for sculpture in stone at Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village. Known as a unique traditional craft village of Da Nang, Non Nuoc has won hearts of many tourists in the world. Positioned at the Marble Mountains’ foot, the village should be an indispensible destination for your day trips in Da Nang as it is supposed to be a great chance to absorb techniques of carving stone dating back to over 200 years. With the clever hands of the village’s artists, more and more exquisite and valuable sculptures are created, and this kind of art has been preserved to further generations as well.

Dragon Bridge

This bridge spanning Han River in Da Nang, Vietnam has 6 traffic lanes with the length of 666m and the width of 37.5m. As being said above, Da Nang is the outstanding city of Vietnam with the fastest development in all aspects of culture, economy, and life. That is the reason why the bridge with the shape of a dragon breathing fire and sprouting water – an image of prosperity was built to imply that Da Nang City is always on the rise. Being a U.S designed marvel, it deserves a visit of those who are planning to land in this emerging city.

Hai Van Pass

Stretching through a spur of Truong Son mountain range, Hai Van Pass is around 30km from the heart of Da Nang to the north. The road reaches to the height of 496m and runs through the south of Ai Van Son peak with the elevation of 1172m. In the past, the pass was regarded as the boundary between Champa Kingdom and Vietnam. When the American War came, it was thickly covered in forest. At that time, there was a French fortress perched on the summit, and afterwards it was utilized by US and South Vietnamese armies. To be honest, you will get a phenomenal view of the wonder at the horizon when experiencing the trip through here.

Top must-try food for day trips in Da Nang

Not only is Da Nang a land of the spectacular scenery, but also where you can easily find stunning specialties which are supposed to be must-try food in your day trips in Da Nang. Some recommendations you should take a look at: Mi Quang (Quang noddle soup), Banh beo (bloating fern-shaped cake), Bun cha ca (grilled chopped fish and noodle soup), Banh trang cuon thit heo (rice paper rolls with pork), and Banh dap (crushed rice cracker).

The best time to join day trips in Da Nang

There are three options relevant to time for those who are planning to make a trip to Da Nang: April to May, May to August, and August to December. If from April to August is the time you wish to explore this city, it is actually perfect as the weather facilitates your travel. However, the journeys in August – December should be put in consideration as there will be heavy rain in this period.

Da Nang is awesome


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