What to do on Cambodia Adventure?

Cambodia is the natural land that’s filled with wonders. If you are looking for adventure cambodia tours, here is what you need to experience! The lost cities have a lot of wonders to offer you. The friendliness of the locals and the amazing landscape spectacularly hides adventurous places for you to unlock.

Mekong river and the surrounding help you witness how natural beauty still exist in this world. The waterfalls, the villages, the forest and most of all the adventure itself! The hidden cambodia adventure tours will not make you regret any day of your trip to this country.

 Adventure tours in Cambodia

The list below is the things you can do for adventure in the country.

–          Cycling

As the most standard adventure, cycling enables you to stay fit while enjoying the field of paddy on your way to countryside. Stop by to visit the ancient ruins and coastal areas that across the river. The bicycle tour helps you to go through jungle and forest and witness Mekong river quiely beside the palm trees and under the sky.

–          Kayaking

Breathing in the fresh air and watch as the dolphin dance along the ocean. The wetlands are must visited place and this Kayaking on the river of Mekong will be your lifetime experience with a unique close up to nature.

–          Trekking

Another way to trek your way up is by visiting remote places like the waterfalls and jungles. The tribes in the villages still own their authentic traditional culture and you can actually blend in with these friendly people and go for a camp for a day or two. This Trekking adventure takes you into the wild but still enables you to have some breathtaking scenes while resting.

–          Fishing

For those of you who are fond of fishing, forget the ponds and let’s go to the wild of Mekong. This place helps you to relax on the sea while waiting for the fish to catch the bait. Not just ordinary fish, you can wish for authentic Cambodia fish that’s huge and lots of species.

–          Dirtbike

This one dirty little adventure is another lifetime experience. The coastal, the forest and the highways get your breath taken away. The rough trails are lovable by everyone. This sightseeing is definitely one of a kind in Cambodia. Dirt bike adventure must be done in a natural place like Cambodia!

–          River Trip

The river trip shows you the fresh water of lakes and Mekong river. The turbulence, the flood and everything else in between will be enjoyable by anyone around. The island ideally possesses hidden gem that’s actually around us. As one of the highlight, river trip can be done using private boat or cruising. During this trip, you can also visit the floating village. With a private tour guide, your exploration to Cambodia island won’t give any hassle.

–          Snorkelling

If you are not into diving, snorkelling would be the best option to enjoy Cambodia underwater. The lesson will be given shortly before you start your snorkel. Watch how the fishes swim and how the secluded island offers amazing life under the sea! The Cambodia coastal area is still a clean slide. You can opt for blue ocean and turquoise garden below while enjoying the sandy beach after you have done with the swimming.

–          Scuba diving

Enjoying the deep sea will never be the same if you have not tried this yet. Scuba diving in Cambodia helps you to unlock the hidden gem below the ocean. It is not like cruising because scuba diving lets you blend in with the inhabitant down there!

–          Boat tour

Cruising to Mekong river and Silk Island using boat tour. You can either book it in group or have it privately your way. The destination commonly starts from Phnom Penh and finishes at Seam Reap. The boat tour lets you get a new angle when seeing Cambodia closely.

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