4 Amazing Things to See and Do in Dong Thap, Vietnam

Dong Thap is certainly a travel destination which should be comprised in your Mekong Delta tour because of its attraction and fascination. Why don’t you do some research on Mekong Delta tour to know about amazing things to see and do in Dong Thap? It’s sure that none of the following spots can disappoint you.

Xeo Quyt Historical Site

Xeo Quyt Historical Site

Located in Cao Lanh District belonging to Dong Thap Province, Xeo Quyt is referred to as a historical site as this wild region used to be the revolutionary base during the Vietnam War against French and US armies. Lasting many years of fighting against the enemies, due to the Dong Thap people’s bravery, wise strategies, and national strength, they deservingly obtained the glory victory for the nation. Nowadays, Xeo Quyt emerges as an irresistible eco-tour site including a 20 ha cajeput forest with exciting biodiversity. A visit to the site will take you to the tranquil ambience which word is not power enough to describe and listen to the breath of nature, ranging from gurgling water, singing birds to warm breezes whispering through trees. You can arrive at the spot by two ways: following the trails on the ground or being rowed by a dinghy through the forest.

Gao Giong Ecological Tourist Area

Gao Giong is one of the amazing things to see and do in Dong Thap

Gao Giong Ecological Tourist Area is another thing to see and do in Dong Thap for a Mekong Delta tour. Just like Xeo Quyt, Gao Giong also lies in Cao Lanh District and has a wide cajeput forest. Exactly, the forest stretched in 2,000ha and is home to many kinds of precious birds. Besides, there is also a 1,700ha mangrove forest in which 250ha is the primitive area, which will be the inspiration for you to explore the wild beauty. Another remarkable thing for your Mekong Delta tour is that you will take a chance to enjoy the stunning and intriguing scenic charm which you have never possibly seen before if it’s the flood season. It is the right time you can bump into the vitality of yellow Dien Dien flower (”Sesbania sesban” flower), red water-lilies, fragile pink lotuses, and giant violet crape-myrtle. Further, don’t lose out on a try at unique specialties of this watery area.

Tan Quy Dong Flower Village

Tan Quy Dong flower village, Dong Thap, Vietnam

There is no doubt that Tan Quy Dong Flower Village is one of the highlights of your itinerary to Mekong Delta. In other words, it must definitely be one of the things to see and do in Dong Thap for your Mekong Delta tour. Why? It is because the village is considered as one of the Delta region’s largest flower gardens with the area of 60ha and raises not only the most charming flowers but also the most valuable plants in the Southern. Among a large number of flowers and plants, amber tree and a variety of roses contribute to the village’s fame. Missing Tan Quy Dong is truly a big pity as you can contemplate the liveliest flowering picture created by hands of hard farmers here.

Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park

Covering more than seven villages of Dong Thap and the town of Tram Chin Tam Nong District, Tram Chim National Park is referred to as a counterpart of Dong Thap Muoi with a wide range of valuable plants and animals in the Southern of Vietnam. Especially, the park has a vast area of 7,500ha and the natural habitat of 200 genres of birds, occupying ¼ in the total number of birds in Vietnam. Some of them have listed in Red Book due to their value and rareness (e.g. Red-crown Crane).

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