5 best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An

You have ever heard of the diversity in culture and cuisine of Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam Province, haven’t you? Then, how about the veggie cuisine? It will be interesting to explore the best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An for a Vietnam day trip, surely. Don’t hesitate to know about that!

Minh Hien Restaurant

Minh Hien Vegetarian Restaurant in Hoi An

Location: 50 Tran Cao Van Street, Son Phong Ward, Hoi An City
Opening hours: 9:00AM – 10:00PM
While the fact is that the busier and more modern our life is, the more difficult precious traditional things are to find, Minh Hien Restaurant is exactly where we can touch the quintessence of the Vietnamese traditional veggie cuisine. That is the reason why you are highly recommended to visit here and taste its culinary delights when having a Hoi An day tour or a Vietnam day trip. The restaurant’s expert chef will let you delve into a variety of traditional veggie dishes which look simple but are actually so great that you probably fail to resist throwing your money away. Although it is not sumptuous like the inside of a palace, its warm space is really a home away from home, and the food is not only mouth-watering, but also nutritious as well as good for your health.

Karma Waters Restaurant

Karma Waters Restaurant in Hoi An

Location: 213 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City
Opening hours: 10:00AM – 8:30PM
Besides Minh Hien, Karma Waters Restaurant is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An City, so you are highly advised to visit here if you take a Vietnam day trip. It is easy to recognize this location as it is opposite Hoi An Lantern Hotel. The restaurant is totally wonderful for your lunch and dinner if you are a vegan as the food is indeed appetizing and very diverse. The menu embraces various cuisines from Vietnam (Soups and Spicy Vegetables), the Western region (Sandwiches, Burgers, and Fries), and India (Dahl, Roti, Veg Thali, and Curry). Additionally, drinks are also classified into four categories: coffee, tea, juice, and smoothies. Be mindful that the restaurant does not serve alcohol, and smoking is not allowed here.

Annen Restaurant

Annen Vegetarian Restaurant in Hoi An

Location: 320 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Son Phong Ward, Hoi An City
Opening hours: 7:00AM – 10:00PM
During your Vietnam day trip, losing out on Annen Restaurant – one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An City surely makes you regret as what it offers is extremely awesome. Annen with the charming setting and the serene space is supposed to be the perfect retreat for your soul. Regarding food options, despite the fact that the courses at the restaurant are simple, their quality is really outstanding. They are traditional Vietnamese vegetarian dishes prepared by the excellent chef. Meanwhile, at your favorite, the dietitians and nutritionists here are willing to support you in planning your own diets and veggie meals.

An Nhu Restaurant

An Nhu Restaurant in Hoi An

Location: 516 Hai Ba Trung Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City
Opening hours: 6:30AM – 8:00PM
Certainly, An Nhu Restaurant is indispensable to the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An as it brings not only the comfortable space, but also veggie food with the good quality. The most remarkable thing here is that the menu is extensive, so you have a wide selection of dishes and drinks while the price is quite cheap; there are banh xeo, spring rolls, hotpots, noodle soups, fake meat, etc. Because the restaurant is in the proximity of the main road, it is not hard to find it out. However, a minus point is that it will be very crowded during the full-month day.

P&B Restaurant

P & B Restaurant in Hoi An

Location: 5th Group, Nguyen Phan Vinh Street, Cam An Ward, Hoi An City
Opening hours: 9:00AM – 9:00PM
In the proximity of An Bang Beach, P&B Restaurant is referred to as a hospitable vegetarian restaurant as well as an ideal haven of food for the vegetarians. Interestingly, the menu is different on some day of each week, giving you various new things to enjoy. Here, you can opt for either a single dish or a set with four courses at the price from VND85,000. Some you can take in consideration comprise fried noodle with spring rolls, herbs, lettuce, and wontons with mushroom mixture. It is absolutely wonderful for a Hoi An day tour.


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