5 Wonderful Islands in Nha Trang You Should Not Miss

Fed up with landmarks in the mainland during your Vietnam tour? Then, the following beautiful islands in Nha Trang will be some good suggestions you can take into consideration for a Vietnam beach vacation. For sure, those destinations offer you authentic and delightful experiences of the Vietnam’s striking coastal scenery.

Mun island (Hon Mun)

Mun island, Nha Trang

Located 10km from Cau Da Port and to the southeast of Bong Nguyen Island is Hon Mun – the most stunning and fabulous island in Nha Trang. Hon Mun means the island of ebony in Vietnamese; ever wonder why it has this special name? It stems from the fact that the island is endowed with lots of dangerous cliffs and rocks, which form black caves like ebony. Therefore, the local people have started calling it Hon Mun. One special thing about this destination is that it is voted as among the Southeast Asia Sea’s most imposing aquarium.

Portrayed as a sapphire stone of Nha Trang, Hon Mun never lets you down as a visit by speedboat is a chance to uncover the spectacular charm on the ground and the miraculous world of marine creatures and coral reefs under the sea. It will be with great regret that you give a damn about the visit.

Tam island (Hon Tam)

Tam island, Nha Trang

With the area of 110 hectares, Hon Tam, 7km to the southeast of Nha Trang City, carries the attracting beauty of white sand and clean water. Not only that, fringed by coconut palms, the beach gets more seductive as the sea-breeze sometimes hisses through the leaves. Besides going a stroll along the beach, don’t miss brilliant water activities to explore the undersea.

Mieu island (Hon Mieu)

Mieu island, Nha Trang

With other names of Fish Island and Bong Nguyen Island, Hon Mieu is also emerging as a deserving island to explore when you arrive in Nha Trang. Among all islands in Nha Trang, Hon Mieu is the most inshore one from the mainland. The island has drawn lots of tourists by two key travel destinations, consisting of Soi Beach (San Beach) and Tri Nguyen Aquarium. Especially, Tri Nguyen Aquarium, looking like a stone ship, is described as a marine museum where there is a large display of marine creatures and fish.

Mot island (Hon Mot)

Positioned to the southeast of Nha Trang City, Hon Mot, 9km from the shore, is in the list of the most spectacular islands in Nha Trang. Emerging from the vast space of the ocean, Hon Mot is depicted as an unspoiled world of fishermen. In other words, it is a mini-picture of a village where the culture of fishing is well exposed. For a Vietnam beach break in Nha Trang, don’t ignore the opportunity of visiting this village and gaining a short experience at orchards which are quite similar to the Delta region of the southeastern Vietnam. Furthermore, because of the lower water level, it is indeed ideal to immerse into the cool water or join water sports.

Tre island (Hon Tre)

Tre island is one of the wonderful islands in Nha Trang you should not miss

Hon Tre is widely known as the biggest island in Nha Trang Cove. The island is favored with the most charming beaches, irresistible pristine seascapes and a rich diversity of flora. What makes your Vietnam beach vacation smoother is that the climate here is  mild and ideal for visits. Currently, there are two remarkable destinations, comprising Vinpearl Nha Trang and Con Se Tre Tourist Attraction.

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