Top things to do and see for a few days in Ho Chi Minh city

What are top things to do and see for a few days in Ho Chi Minh City? This is exactly the question many travelers are figuring out with the intention of exploring the Vietnam’s beauty. Of course, lots of places and lots of things are waiting for them, but day trips in Ho Chi Minh City, where you will fly to first will let you down. Get started here first!

City tour

Ho Chi Minh City tour

The top thing to do and see for a few days in Ho Chi Minh City, you are recommended first is city tour. It also means that you will experience the true essence of a Ho Chi Minh City day trip, ranging from the city’s irrepressible lifestyle, history, culture to delightful features in cuisine. First of all, let’s discover French architectural structures, like Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market and Saigon Post Office dating back to the French Domination. Followed by those structures is Reunification Palace, symbolizing the Vietnam’s independence to obtain more understanding of the country’s history. Additionally, War Remnants Museum with separate themes leads you through different stages of the Vietnam war and let you know about the terrible facts it lefts for the Vietnamese people.

Descending down into the Cu Chi Tunnels

Descending down into the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels actually deserves one of the great places to see for a few days in Ho Chi Minh City. Just located 70km from the Ho Chi Minh City center, Cu Chi Tunnels is emerging with a legendary story about the Vietnamese people in general and the Vietnamese guerillas in particular during the war era. With the length of over 250km and the system of complex tunnels and areas meeting the basic living demands, Cu Chi is considered as an underground fabulous-structured village. A visit here enables you to discover this phenomenal structure and know how endurable the Vietnamese was to defeat the enemies from their country.

Exploring Vam Sat Mangrove Forest, Can Gio District

Vam Sat Mangrove Forest – Can Gio District

Certainly, exploring Vam Sat Mangrove Forest is indispensable in your list of things to do and see for a few days in Ho Chi Minh City. In other words, it is indeed great for your Vietnam day tours, so it is better to plan to visit there before you leave Ho Chi Minh City. It is well known that Vam Sat Mangrove Forest is one of the world’s biosphere reserves with various species of flora and fauna. There is more than one thing to discover when you arrive here, comprising a bat swamp, bird sanctuary, crocodile farm, and others. It is too amazing to join unique activities, such as kayaking through thick stretches of mangrove forest, fishing crocodiles, catching fishes by net, etc.

Penetrating into Cat Tien National Park


About 160km from Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien National Park is utterly ideal for your Vietnam day tours right after you set foot in this country. Leaving the bustle and hustle of the city center, you head toward the park to soak up the fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere of the wildlife. The place is known to be home to a rich diversity of mammals, birds, and flora species. Ever wonder what to do when you choose Cat Tien National Park as a travel destination in your itinerary? Yes, it is amazing to go trekking through the forest to know about the ecosystem here, gaze into animals at night, visit Crocodile Lake, and play with naughty monkeys, and especially see endangered primate species. If you wish to let yourself be harmonious with the locals’ idyllic life, a bike ride will be perfect to discover their rustic villages.

Soaking up the tranquil life in the Mekong Delta

Soaking up the tranquil life in the Mekong Delta

Thinking about things to do and see for a few days in Ho Chi Minh City, you are recommended to the Mekong Delta, also Southwestern Vietnam. Although the Delta region is not a high-octane place like Ho Chi Minh City, what brings for your journey to Vietnam is actually meaningful and great. Coming here, you will perceive the calmness and gentle charm in the river people’s life. Floating markets are actually where you can understand their culture as well as traditional beauty. Most of the people earn their daily living by cultivating fruits, vegetables, and other farming products, and then trading those on the river. It is possible to say that such floating markets are regarded as a special feature in the culture of those who live near and on the water. Some suggested spots of the Mekong Delta for your trip are Cai Rang, Cai Be Floating Markets, Xeo Quyt Forest, Vinh Trang Temple, Ong Temple, Sa Dec Market, Tra Su Cajuput Forest, ect.

Relaxing in the Vung Tau coastal city

Relaxing in the Vung Tau coastal city

Adoring beaches and wishing to savor the cool ambiance with beautiful seascapes, you should keep an eye on Vung Tau – one of the Vietnam’s popular coastal cities for tourists. To perfect your day trips in Ho Chi Minh City, this destination indeed deserves to be chosen. Besides lying on white sand beaches and admiring the sea’s beauty, it will be also fantastic if you add some following travel spots to your itinerary: White Villa, Jesus Christ Statue, Binh Chau Hot Springs, Cloud Lake Ecotourism, Lighthouse, French Field Guns, Tran Phu Fish Market, etc.


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