6 Must-visit Pagodas in Mekong Delta

For many people wishing to obtain the more understanding of Buddhism in Vietnam, Mekong Delta tour with the visit to some of the must-visit pagodas in Mekong Delta should be considered to choose. Let’s read to know in advance about Vinh Trang Pagoda, Bat Pagoda (Mahatup Pagoda), Chen Kieu Pagoda, Kh’leang Pagoda, and Clay Pagoda.

Vinh Trang Pagoda

Vinh Trang Pagoda, My Tho, Vietnam

Positioned in My Phong Commune, Vinh Trang Pagoda is about 3km away from the downtown of My Tho City. This site was constructed in 1849 by Hue Dang – a Buddhist monk who used funds from the Buddhist faithful. In 1904, it was heavily damaged due to a big storm, and French colonists also destroyed a part of its structure in 1861. As a consequence, the faithful started to rebuild the pagoda afterwards. One of the most impressive features you will be attracted to the site is that it has some huge Buddhist statues with unique styles. Specifically, its carries the combination of both European and Asian architecture styles in which we realize elements from French decorative patterns, Romanesque style, Japanese tiles, and something of the Renaissance period.

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Bat Pagoda (Mahatup Pagoda)

Bat pagoda is one of the must-visit pagodas in Mekong Delta

Bat Pagoda, lying 25 km southeast away from the downtown of Soc Trang City is one of the must-visit pagodas in Mekong Delta due to its enthralling features. The temple with the ancient beauty formed hundreds of years ago now becomes a tourist attraction anyone can’t resist a visit to. Perhaps, what on your mind at the moment is why it is called Bat Pagoda. In fact, it will surprise you if you know that there are many ancient trees in the site, which are the habitat of numerous bats. Besides enjoying the tranquil atmosphere and eye-catching landscapes, tourists can take a chance to see the bat hanging themselves from the old trees’ canopy.

Chen Kieu Pagoda

Chen Kieu pagoda, Soc Trang, Vietnam

Arriving at Vietnam, you should not ignore Chen Kieu Pagoda, which carries the Khmer style in Mekong Delta and was constructed in the 19th century. This pagoda is 10km away from the center of Soc Trang City; you will stop at the site along the way to Bac Lieu from Soc Trang. Excitingly, the site’s name occurred from the inspiration of beautiful and colored ceramic pieces utilized to decorate its main building.  One thing which will amaze you right after you enter the pagoda is that there are 16 large pillars surrounding it, and each one is decorated with Khmer legends. The walls are full of the Buddhist history.

Kh’leang Pagoda

Kh’leang pagoda, Soc Trang, Vietnam

Kh’leang is a Buddhist temple with the ancient structure from the Khmer Pagoda system in the Southern region. It’s located at Ton Duc Thang Street, Soc Trang City and also known as an Architecture Arts monument of the nation. Surrounded by many palm trees, the pagoda seems to be dipped into the peaceful ambience; in addition to this hidden charm, it is decorated with textures, patterns, and colors in the Khmer style, creating the sacred atmosphere in the nature.

Cavern Pagoda

Cave pagoda, Chau Doc, Vietnam

Cave Pagoda is also called Phuoc Dien Tu and lies towards the western of Sam Mountain. Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes of the countryside, the temple emerges as a sacred flower fascinating lots of travelers from many different areas of Vietnam and the world. The lower area of the pagoda is the place where the founder and former head monk are buried. The most outstanding feature here is that not only are there beautiful Buddhist statues put in the sanctuary, but grottoes are also where deities are revered. Especially, you will certainly be drawn by a 1000-arm and 1000-eye goddess.

Clay Pagoda

Constructed by the Ngo family over 200 years ago, Clay Pagoda is positioned at the downtown of Soc Trang City and has been famous in the whole province. Also like a resident house, the pagoda is also designed without any wooden panel and pillar. However, the remarkable point is that there is a six-tusked clay elephant in front of the gate (this image is supposed to occur in the dream of Buddha’s mother), making it more special and enthralling. Hence, it is exactly one of the must-visit pagodas in Mekong Delta.



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