4 Best Vietnam islands you must visit in summer vacation

If there has not still been any idea for your coming summer vacation, Vietnam is surely the potential in this case since this country is beautiful and absorbing enough for a visit. Especially, the following Vietnam islands never fail to live up to your expectation. Let’s see at once!

Phu quoc

4 Best Vietnam islands you must visit in summer vacation
Beach on Phu Quoc island

Labelled as the pearl of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is home to phenomenal seascapes and a diversity of sea creatures. Here is also the largest island of Vietnam, whose area is approximately equal to that of Singapore. With the unique terrain in which there are mountain ranges from South to North, plains, and unspoiled forests of priceless species of flora and fauna, Phu Quoc, fringed by picturesque beaches, emerging as a real ethereal wonderland on earth. It will be a good ideal to dive under the sea to witness the lively marine world.

Some places to visit when you land in Phu Quoc comprise Duong Dong Town (Dinh Cau Temple and fish sauce factory), the island’s south (Star Beach, Khem Beach, Truong Beach, Painting Stream, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, pearl farms), and the island’s north (Long Beach, Mui Ganh Dau, Da Ban Stream, Khu Tuong Pepper Plantation).

If you crave for a feeling of becoming Robinson, get started with the journey to explore isolated regions in the island. Additionally, diving is the best way for you to peer down at the fabulous charm of coral reefs and the great marine life of other sea creatures.

Con Dao

4 Best Vietnam islands you must visit in summer vacation
Con Dao island

Con Dao is referred to as an archipelago of 16 small and big islands which are still unspoiled and pristine. The archipelago is labelled as the travel paradise featuring imposing landscapes, fresh air, serenity, and well-coordinated activities for exploring the natural charm here. Not only is it cradled by breathtaking beaches but also home to forests of verdant tropical foliage and a diversity of animals and birds, such as feral chickens, deer, monkeys, weasels, iguana, etc. Con Dao Island is viewed as the largest island in the archipelago, so to those who are interested in discovering the remote and isolated regions, there will be suggestions embracing Bay Canh Island, Tre Lon Island, Cau Island, and Tai Island.

One thing seafood gourmets are always eager to experience is to visit the local harbor and buy the fresh seafood which has just been caught by fishermen. It is actually wonderful to hold the wriggling fish, lobsters, and others in your hand and enjoy their fresh aroma. Just bring some back to your hotels and ask the staff to prepare a meal with those ingredients for you.

Cat Ba

4 Best Vietnam islands you must visit in summer vacation
Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba is well known as an archipelago of 367 islands popping up from the sea, forming a spectacular scenic painting without your imagination. There is a diversity of ecosystem in this area, ranging from carpet-like thick seaweed, colorful coral reefs to outstanding grottos and kart rocks in various unique shapes. That is the reason why the archipelago was designated as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO on December 2nd 2004.

Ever wonder what are suggestions for those who have never heard about Cat Ba? Yes, here they are! First, visit Cannon Fort or the 177 highest point which not only bears historical events in the past, but also offers a great view of magnetic landscapes around. Do not ignore Cat Ba National Park, occupying the majority of the island’s area when it is a chance to learn about the diverse species of flora and fauna. Of course, it is indispensable to include fanciful caves and mighty beaches in your trip to Cat Ba.

Ly Son

Ly Son Island, Vietnam

Ly Son Island is supposed to be the remaining relic of a five-crater volcano dating back 25 – 30 million years, creating spectacular scenes with blocks of lava in various shapes and untouched beaches, and cool water with a translucent turquoise. Ly Son is famous through Vietnam for the kingdom of delicious garlics, which is also a great specialty here. The island has the quite small area of ten square kilometers, but it is inhabited by over 10,000 people; here, they grow garlics and fish for a living.  Several specific places for sightseeing when you pay a visit to Ly Son comprise To Vo Gate, Hang Pagoda, Small Island (Dao Be), and Mu Cu Island. Besides, the trip enables you to discover the diverse marine ecosystem of this remote island.


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