Beautiful Vietnam

06 Jul

4 Best Vietnam islands you must visit in summer vacation

If there has not still been any idea for your coming summer vacation, Vietnam is surely the potential in this case since this country is beautiful and absorbing enough for a visit. Especially, the following Vietnam islands never fail to live up to your expectation. Let’s see at once!
14 Apr

Top 10 attractions travelers must visit in Ho Chi Minh City

Many foreign travellers who have ever set foot in Vietnam get a special experience of a land with plenty of glorious history, fascinating culture, splendid scenery, and especially world heritage sites. Typically, when it comes to Vietnam, one of the primary points of departure to other travel destinations is Ho Chi Minh city. Nevertheless, before leaving and experiencing the fascinating areas, the travellers are advisable to visit the following top 10 attractions in Ho Chi Minh city.
13 Apr

5 reasons to fall in love with Mekong Delta in Vietnam

In spite of being the farthest area of Vietnam and at the downstream of Mekong River, Mekong Delta has been charming more and more tourists by its imposing and marvelous beauty. Each of the tourists will find lots of many reasons for them to love this peaceful yet fascinating land, but primarily, they are impressed by 2 factors here: the amazing nature and the locals’ friendliness and hospitality.
16 Oct

Experience the Elegance of Mui Ne Beach Break

Except for sun, sand and water, Vietnam Beach Breaks offer many other incredible options for fun that will leave you completely happy and satisfied during your next vacation here. Most of these beaches in Vietnam are usually hot trendy sports for tourists with boardwalks, fun and music and even an occasional seabird or fish life worthy exploring.

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