How to Take a Motor Taxi (Xe Om) in Vietnam

Have you ever heard about “Xe Om” in Vietnam? It is also referred to as a means of transport to travel around big cities in Vietnam, but not many travelers know about. Here is how to take a motor taxi (Xe Om) in Vietnam for those who are planning a Vietnam tour and holiday.

How to take a motor-taxi (Xe Om) in Vietnam

What is “Xe Om”?

To any travelers to Vietnam, common means of transport around large cities, comprising buses and taxies are by no means strange and always listed in their top choice. However, there is also another which will undoubtedly bring them the most awesome experiences; it is exactly “Xe Om” (also motor-taxi). Eventually, how is “Xe Om”? It is a motorbike the local uses to take any pillion somewhere. The local is often an old man with casual wear (not commonly a woman). You will sit back as the pillion and just tell the driver where you want to come. Although the name “xe om” means “hug the rider” in Vietnamese, you must not be anxious as it is will be a personal distance which is far enough from him.

How to take a motor taxi (Xe Om) in Vietnam

Where to find “Xe om”?

It is not hard to find “xe om” in large cities, e.g. Ho Chi Minh City; they wait for serving their potential customers at almost all street corners as if they just sit there with nothing to do.


The price is also quite cheap, but it should be dealt before you hop on. One thing you should notice is to learn the way to bargain over the price of the xe om service when coming to Vietnam. A suggestion for you is that VND 10000 – 15000 per kilometer is ok for the best deal. Be mindful that the price is also subject to the road’s conditions and weather.

Tips for taking a motor taxi in Vietnam

Ask a xe om driver about the ways to spots in your itinerary as he is viewed as a live roadmap. Don’t get anxious when going with him as he never lets you be lost.

Know a little Vietnamese language to bargain with the driver more easily. Have agreement about the price before sitting down in the motorbike.

Contact a travel agent in the case you wish to take a motorbike Vietnam day trip for travelling around expected hotspots.



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