Pickpocket Safety Tips for Ho Chi Minh City

You are planning to experience a long journey of exploring Asian countries, aren’t you? Then, there is no reason for skipping Vietnam due to its magnetic and phenomenal scenery. While lots of things must be prepared before the trip starts, don’t ignore the following information about pickpocket safety tips if Ho Chi Minh City is one of the destinations in your itinerary. Consider it as what you must pack for day trips in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pickpocket safety tips for Ho Chi Minh city

Do not wear valuable jewelry when going out

This sincere advice helps you avoid becoming the target of jewelry-snatchers along streets or of Ho Chi Minh City, not to mention the victim of unexpected incidents caused by this snatching. Therefore, it is by no means a good idea to wear precious jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, and watches when you go for a walk in the streets, no matter how much you love that. Especially, the snatchers can keep an eye much more on foreign tourists who are neglecting their belongings.

Do not answer your cell phone or take photos outside

As mentioned above, while you are strolling along streets of the Ho Chi Minh metropolis, snatchers may be around you anytime. That is the reason why being cautious of answering your phone or taking photos outside is indeed right for “better safe than sorry”. Surely you will not want to witness the perspective in which everything left after your Ho Chi Minh city tour is zero as all photos you have been eager to take are eventually forced to go with the snatcher.

Be cautious of crowds

Normally, where crowds gather is the ideal environment for pickpockets to work. Even they may be innocent children, but you will be with great regret that you are not aware of the risks from them. While you are trying to see goods they sell as vendors, such as books, postcards, and flowers, someone will pickpocket you without your awareness. It also means that you are distracted by the children, and your property can be taken away anytime.

Always keep your bags in front of you

It is possible to say that the best way to protect your belongings is to carry your bag in front of you. Of course, doing that will make it more difficult for snatchers to grab your bag. Importantly, keeping values in your back pockets facilitates this snatching. If you carry a strap, keep in mind that you should let it cross your chest instead of carrying at only one side.

Warning: should you be unlucky to become the victim of bag-snatching along the Ho Chi Minh City’s streets, be prompt to contact the local police and ask their support. The more quickly the alert occurs, the higher the chance of the return of your snatched items is.

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