Useful sentences for travel in Vietnam

It is indeed stimulating to learn the language of a country you intend to travel to. Then, why don’t you try Vietnamese while your Vietnam tour package is being prepared?

Useful sentences for travel in Vietnam

Vietnamese in daily conversations

Perhaps, it is the same to the situation when a Vietnamese guy is trying to pronounce vocabulary items in English; although it is not easy but extremely interesting. Even you realize that some words in this new language sound funny and weird in yours. While travelling to the S-shaped country, you are advisable to practice helpful simple sentences in Vietnamese in case no local around you knows English. This learning is also considered as a good way to gain insight into their daily life.

English Vietnamese Pronunciation
Hi/hello/good morning/good evening/good afternoon Xin chào! Sin chow
How are you? Bạn có khỏe không? Ban co kwe kong
I’m good, thank you Tôi khoẻ, cám ơn bạn Toy kwe, kham un ban
Goodbye! Tạm biệt Tam bi-et
Good nigh Chúc ngủ ngon Chook ngu ngon
What’s your name? Bạn tên gì Ban ten zee
My name’s…. Tôi tên là…. Toy ten la
Sorry/Excuse me Xin lỗi Seen loy
No problem Không sao Kong sao
Yes/No Vâng/không Vung/kong
Can you help you? Bạn có thể giúp tôi không? Ban co the zoop toy kong
I understand Tôi hiểu Toy hey-oh
You’re welcome Không có chi Kong co chee

Vietnamese for directions and travelling

Ever wonder why you should learn simple Vietnamese sentences concerning directions and travelling? The answer is, the complex system of traffic and frequently crowded streets make you confused about your destination. While taxicabs and motorbike taxis are always available to catch, you will get anxious to go with the drivers without speaking Vietnamese since most of them are not good at English. Hence, the best way to smooth your traveling in Vietnam is to equip yourself with necessary vocabulary items related to this topic.

English Vietnamese Pronunciation
Where is….? …ở đâu ….uah dau?
I want to go to… Tôi muốn đến…. Toy muan dean
Go straight Đi thẳng Di tan
Turn left Rẽ trái Re tchai
Turn right Rẽ phải Re phai
I am lost Tôi bị lạc Toy bee lag
Stop here Dừng đây Zun dey
Turn around Quay lại Kue lai
Next to Bên cạnh Ben canh
Wait here Chờ ở đây Chuoh o dey
Please slow down Đi chậm lại Di chaem lai
Hurry! Nhanh lên Nian len
Crossroad Ngã tư Nga tu
Where is it on the map? Ở đâu trên bản đồ Uah dau tchuen bawn dau?

Vietnamese for shopping

You are a shopaholic and on the journey to explore the Vietnam’s culture with a Vietnam package tour, right? Then, famous markets in this country will be the shopping paradise for you, and more excitingly it is a good chance to practice the art of bargaining over the prices of various items. Some Vietnamese words are definitely helpful tools to smooth your bargaining!

English Vietnamese Pronunciation
Souvenir Qùa lưu niệm Wa lew niem
How much? Bao nhiêu tiền? Bow neuw tee-en
Bag Bao bao
Can you give a discount? Bớt được không? Bot duoc kong?
I would like something else. Tôi muốn cái khác Toy muan kai khac
That’s too expensive Mắc quá. Mac wa
I can’t afford it Tôi không đủ tiền Toy kong du ti-en
I don’t need it Tôi không cần món này Toy kong kern mon ney
Smaller size Cỡ nhỏ hơn Cor nyor hurn
Larger size Cỡ lớn hơn Cor lurn hurn
What is it? Cái gì đây Kie zee dey

Vietnamese for ordering food

It is difficult to resist the Vietnamese traditional food, which is not only luscious, cheap, but also carries the quintessential qualities in the culture of this country. Especially, each region through the country will have the unique cuisine you wish to discover. As a result, entering some restaurant, you get absorbed right from ordering food to ways for enjoying it. Let’s learn a certain number of Vietnamese words to have your meal more easily.

English Vietnamese Pronunciation
Bread Bánh mì Banh mee
Spring Rolls Chả giò Cha yaw
I need more sugar Tôi muốn thêm đường Toy muan them duong
Beer Bia Beer
Bill, please Tính tiền cho tôi Tinh ti-en cho toy
Is there any restaurant/food stall nearby? Có quán ăn nào gần đây không? Cou quan ane nao gan dey kong?
I am full No rồi No roi
Yummy Ngon quá Ngon wa
Rare Tái Tai
Spicy Cay cay
Dessert Tráng miệng Trang mieang
Mineral Water Nước suối Nucc suoi
Well-done Chín Chin



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